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The Illusion of Security…

Security is an illusion, basically there is no security. Security at best is just a temporary situation. That situation can last a few moments to several decades, but at some point, the situation will change and the perceived security will be gone.

The only real security is when you can handle all change and turn that into an advantage. Years ago, my business mentor Mike said to us that everyone is looking for security, but the only real security is our ability to adapt to changing conditions. Basically, if you sit still then change will engulf you.

When I lost all of my assets and was made bankrupt, the assets were gone but so was the huge financial and time commitment to support and maintain them. What I was left with was no need to work, thanks to my wife’s assets, and a perfectly functioning mind with which to go and create the life I desired.

To everyone on the outside it looked like my security had been ripped away from me. But from the inside, my security had been strengthened. I was not secure, don’t get me wrong as I now needed to adapt to the change of situation, but I was now in a position where I could adapt fast and create new. Something I couldn’t have done if I needed that security.

The fact is that most people see starting a business as being risky. Then these same people tell me about their jobs that they hate. I find this quite funny! Do you want to know what risky really is…let’s look at the facts shall we?

To live your lifetime afraid of what may happen if you give up your illusion of security means that you have paid the highest price of all. I am in a position where I could be flown to any country on Earth and if I could get to an Internet connection then I could start to create money, and by the end of the day, I will have banked money… New money…

Now that is security!

I would have adapted to any conditions and prevailed. Is this more secure than working for someone else? But you see, successful people do not seek or look for security. In fact, I don’t ever think about it… Why would I? We don’t think about what we have, we only think about what we don’t have, that is how a human’s mind works… It is natural.

The reason you feel you need security is that your mind (your ego) has convinced you that you need it. And because you now think you do, then of course you do. The only way to not need security is to know you already have it. And the way to know you already have it is to protect yourself and be a master of your destiny.

Once you do that then you will not think about needing security anymore, you will not think about it because you will have it. The trouble is that you live in fear, fearing that you will be worse off if you venture out and attempt to do something new, something different.

The funny thing is you are afraid to venture out because you believe you have security from where you are now. But you can see that even the safest of jobs could still be removed in an unexpected downturn. You fear loss but to not move is to lose by default.

You are probably doing a job you hate but you are scared to do anything else because you need your security, which of course may at any time turn into no security with virtually no notice.

What Does Security Mean To You?

Most people in fact see starting a business as a risk and staying in a job they hate as real security. However, this ‘job security’ is just the illusion of security as you should by now begin to be seeing.

I live every day by taking calculated and sometimes swiftly calculated risks. This is scary to those who need security, but to me they are sacrificing way too much for this inadequate and illusionary security. To me what they do is a very insecure way to live.

To me, the sacrifice you are making is just way too high. You see, to me you are not living at all as you are afraid of what the future may hold, so you don’t live at all. Instead you are just surviving.

The problem is that doing this over an extended period of time has a tremendous detrimental effect on your wellbeing. Doing this eats away at you like a cancer and this cancer can affect other areas of your life; your marriage, your relationships with your children and with friends.

Right now and throughout your unconscious survival your subconscious mind is whispering to you in feelings. It is telling you to get out, go and experience your life and do not waste it.

However, the world and definitely the voices in your head work on convincing you to ignore these feelings. You know these feelings by their common name… your intuition.

The voices tell you to ignore this as you are safe right now, you need this job otherwise you might die! Therefore you must sacrifice your life to hold onto this security… Which is of course just an illusion!

Your ego rationalises what it is telling you and tells you how irrational it would be to listen to your feelings. Instead, it tells you, go and have a beer or a curry… Go and watch a film or TV, basically go and do ANYTHING which takes your mind off the fact that you are deeply dissatisfied with your life.

And just imagine if you met your 17 year old self right now… Firstly would you recognise that you could’ve ended up like you? I doubt it! You’d probably find they would be deeply depressed at how you have chosen to waste their life in the never-ending work of seeking security.

You only live once… If you believe you live more than once that’s ok, I am not here to disprove or prove any future lives. I am here to get you living this life right now… So unless you’ve got actual physical proof that you are coming back, then best you get real right now and love every moment of this single life you are in right now.

There is nothing more important that you can do with your life than live it, doing what you want and not what your ego wants… Your ego wants security as it knows by telling you that you need security that it will keep you trapped in your box needing security.

This is how it is controlling you and holding your potential back… Your success is being stifled by your need for security… However, it is a mind made need and can be dissolved… If… you have the will to look at it.

But your subconscious mind (the good bit in your head) knows what’s good for your wellbeing. It knows you want to live and be free and have the best life ever and it knows to do that it must help you.

However, if you have an annoying radio station playing in your mind selling you on security 24/7 then what chance have the whispers of your subconscious mind got?

Your life is ready to be lived if you are ready to live it. What you must do is decide whether or not you are worth the effort. If you are worth the effort and you would like a little break from the constant battering the voices in your head are giving you…. Then you can read for free, the 1st 5 chapters of my book Creating A Bug Free Mind.

In that book, I teach you how to silence your mind so that you can hear what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. You knew that this security thing never felt right, even though it seemed to make sense.

Just imagine yourself as a child once more… Just imagine you had your mindset from then. The one that never considered security, the one that knew how to live and not just survive.

Just imagine the life you could lead if you could get back to that mindset again. Well, that is what I designed A Bug Free Mind to give you. Your natural success mindset, but in the body of a very clever adult.

Just what could you actually achieve with the years you have left?

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“Successful people know that they can create their success again and again. So they are confident in being able to handle whatever life throws at them.”

“Successful people know that this is when they must make it happen. They do not think something better is coming along, they know it is down to them to make it happen.”

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