7 Rules for a millionaire mindset

Written by Andy Shaw

Without the right mindset, becoming a millionaire is all but impossible.

Rule 1 – Know What You Want

The rule virtually every unsuccessful person breaks… this is the primary reason for their failure to succeed… is that they don’t know what they want. They know they need to know this but they just don’t ever quite get round to figuring it out.

Or they know they need it and then come up with some useless wishy washy example of what they want. Like, I want to be rich… Or as a successful person says… Useless!

This sort of wishy washy goal is 100% useless. You must have a targeted goal that you could tell someone what it was and they would be able to follow a route to it. Clear and conceivable.

Knowing what you want is the same as knowing you want to go to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, USA on 4th July 2015… That is knowing what you want. Anyone can follow that direction, it is clear, it is conceivable.

Rule 2 – Focus on What You Want

Once you have your core dream sorted out and you know exactly what you want, you must first have had it in your mind. So you must go and experience having it at some point in the future. (Putting a time restraint on a dream is wrong – despite what the experts tell you, I just used that previous example to explain a point.)

You must experience what your life will be like to have had your dream. You keep doing this until you have had it and seen it in so much detail that it becomes something that is now likely to happen.

Then you focus on possible routes for you to get there. You provide your mind with stepping stones and lots of them at each step. What I mean by this is you give your mind possible options that it could take to get you to your goal. You are providing your mind with ways to conceive you could actually do it. The stepping stones start from where you are now.
As you go through this process, focusing on what you want and possible ways to get there. Eventually you will reach a point in your mind where you know that it is not possible for it not to happen, if you just start to take steps towards your dreams.

What you have done is created the dream and the possible steps to get there in your mind first. Now by focusing on your dream your subconscious mind can see possible ways to bring it into your

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Andy Shaw

Creator of  A Bug Free Mind