How To Never Feel Depressed Again

People think they cannot cure depression. This is because the people educating them about their depression do not know all they profess to know.

Would you like to know how the world’s most successful people manage to stay positive all day? Simple…

The answer is they don’t. They don’t even try! They do not avoid negativity either… because they don’t need to… Successful people use, without thinking, the law of least effort and therefore the least effort is of course no effort.

Successful people do not suffer from depression unless they have lost touch with their natural success instincts for a while. Actually the very reason you are not successful or not living the life you desire is not that you are not a successful person, as you are naturally one, it is just that you have lost touch with your natural success mindset.

A successful person may slip into depression if they have allowed the power of unsuccessful minds to influence the power of their mind… And this is just an environment issue. For example, surround a successful person only with other successful people and it becomes impossible for them to not to be successful again.

Put them into an environment with unsuccessful people and if they have allowed lack thoughts into their mind they may well adopt the weak mind power of the people they are with.

Using The Power Of Your Mind To Banish The Darkness Of Depression

Depression is basically a non acceptance of what is. If you accept what is and you surrender to whatever is coming FULLY without exception…Then it becomes an impossibility to be depressed… Just as darkness cannot exist in the presence of light, depression cannot exist in the presence of awareness and acceptance.

“Successful people know that remaining depressed cannot help them create a future success.

So instinctively they let it go without effort.”Initially it can take a lot of mind power to overcome the illusion a depressed person has created in their mind. However, when a depressed person notices via awareness that it is them that is actually causing their depression, then it is akin to noticing you are banging your head with a hammer.

Once you notice you are creating the pain then it is very easy, in fact it takes no effort to stop creating it. Once you get to this point the depression dissolves and cannot return unless you go back into the unconscious thought patterns which allowed depression to be created in the first place. This is simply switching your mind power on instead of leaving it switched off, and the switch is awareness.

About the author

Andy Shaw

Creator of  A Bug Free Mind