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Andy Shaw creator of A Bug Free Mind

Do you feel there's something missing in your life? ... Like there's a key missing secret? ... A secret you feel you are getting closer and closer to discovering? ... But then all of a sudden it's just out of reach again? ... No matter what you do... No matter what you learn... Do you feel YOUR life can be better?
A Bug Free Mind is the most simplified, yet advanced system for increasing your entire living experience.
We have created a process for enhancing any and every area of your life through use of quick and simple-to-use thinking structures.

Through the use of these tiny thought structures it will enhance the areas of life you are super effective in, and transform the areas where you would love to be a better version of you.  

We don't just sell products. We sell a super-enhanced living experience.

What Our Customers Say...

Geoff Beatie

So far I have overcome my fear of heights, spiders and theme park rides, I’ve been able to save my marriage from a potential divorce and been able to get through an unforeseen financial nightmare and the collapse of my business with hardly a moments worry or sleepless night. 

Andrew Leedham

What many other so called gurus promise Andy actually delivers - clear, simple, no-nonsense, practical steps to building the life and wealth you always wanted. It's this simple - I have found no-one better at showing the way to get wealthy that anyone can follow.

E. Battenberg

I’ve been studying personal development all my life. Then one day I stumbled across Andy Shaw’s A Bug Free Mind... I wondered what if you could reset your mind, wouldn't that be fantastic I thought. Well this has totally reset my mind and changed my life.

Andy Shaw creator of A Bug Free Mind

Who is Andy Shaw?


I’m a family guy in my early fifties who was always fascinated about thinking and how our thoughts worked to create our lives and the way we experience them. 

I graduated as a Cabinet Maker. Then when I was 23 went into my first business. Later I became an investor owning multiple businesses and a lot of real estate. I was extremely successful.

However, during negotiations to sell one of my businesses the financial crisis struck, and that changed everything. Within two years I went from a high net worth individual to bankrupt. For a brief while this was a terrible time in my life and I fought to turn the momentum around. In the face of the financial crisis, nothing worked.

But my fascination with thinking led me to discover that I was fighting my own mind. 

Despite my financial world coming down around my ears, like a train wreck happening in extreme slow motion... I was able to take my mindset and mind power to levels of consciousness which were far beyond anything I'd ever come close to experiencing before.

Very shortly the result was, I'd supercharged my mind. Which meant, that despite their being a financial train wreck happening, my future financial success was certain.

All that was left was for me to experience the end of my financial world, I had a front row seat at the end of the world and I was experiencing the very best time in my life.

How A Bug Free Mind Was Born

In January 2010, I had gone bankrupt and it was time to rebuild my financial success.

People were asking me how I was able to not be worried, not be afraid, and not be stressed. I told them it was through total control over my mind, that I had a silent mind. 

Since I was really young I'd pondered on why people did the things they did. Why they seemed to repeat their mistakes. Why they failed to learn obvious lessons. Why they couldn't succeed in getting what they wanted in life. Why they worried and why they were afraid of all sorts of stuff.

Now thanks to my own financial disaster I got to experience life in the way most do. So for me it was easy to now show them how to choose to go the right way instead.

But I'd found how to make it easier to choose to go the right way, than it was to continue going the wrong way. This subtle difference of making it easier, changed everything for people in terms of results.

So I begun writing articles to help people and pretty soon realised I was writing a book. I'd written a best seller before, so I knew it was a given that i could write another. However, I didn't want to regurgitate what had gone before. I decided to solve a problem that had never even been recognised before. That was to create the world's first thinking language.

I kept writing articles whilst planning out the book and researching. After about 600 page I realised I was writing two books not one. The first part was establishing total control over your mind (Creating A Bug Free Mind). And the second part was just how to use your now supercharged mind (Using A Bug Free Mind).

What I didn't realise was that on my way to write the most effective work ever created on Personal Development and succeeding in their goals, I'd also created solutions for all sorts of problems.

People with depression and PTSD found they were freed from their medication. They begun enjoying life again. People who considered themselves 'worry warts' and worse simply stopped worrying. People who suffered severe anxiety and panic attacks stopped suffering with them.

People who were stressed, now weren't. People who had bad relationships found they got better. People who struggled with their jobs, now enjoyed them. People forgave themselves, and others. People were freed from grief. All of those massive problems were solved without pills, without struggling, without pain. But instead with ease, enjoyment and fulfilment.

By teaching people how to control their mind so they could silence it in any moment, and become aware of any internal battle. I'd inadvertently discovered how to bring an end to  suffering. 

I decided that I'd created something that was worthy of my life. So decided to focus on it. Since then many industry experts refer to the work as 'the best there is.' I won't share their names as many are my friends now.

What Happened Ever Since

The first big thing to do was create pre-eminence in the industry and we became very well known in the personal development industry. From 2012 to 2017 we shipped A Bug Free Mind to almost 140 countries.

We are currently working on or considering converting what we teach to education, working on PTSD & Depression, Board Games, Films, TV, Comedy, Corporate Training, and almost countless more specific uses for A Bug Free Mind.

From 2014 to 2019 (so far) we have also held an annual A Bug Free Mind Mastermind in Las Vegas. This is for other authors and people in the self-help / personal development industry. The event is considered unique in the industry.

Some of the well know personal development teachers who have spoken at our ABFM Mastermind:

Jack Canfield speaking at A Bug Free Mind Mastermind 2017

Marianne Williamson speaking at A Bug Free Mind Mastermind 2019

Les Brown speaking at A Bug Free Mind Mastermind 2018

Jay Shetty speaking at A Bug Free Mind Mastermind 2018

Brian Tracy speaking at A Bug Free Mind Mastermind 2016

Michael Beckwith spoke at A Bug Free Mind Mastermind 2016

Why I Do What I Do


Just after I begun writing A Bug Free Mind I realised that the world had a problem. The problem was that despite all of the wisdom available online and in books that people's dissatisfaction with their life, depression, PTSD, suicide, doubts, fears, and negativity were all growing in all age groups. Some to near epidemic levels.

I realised that the world needed a solution to living in todays world, bringing their children up to cope with all that is going to happen in the next 50 years. I realised that I was creating that solution. So I am on a mission to change the world one mind at a time.

The catch is, this mission has to fit in to my wonderful life... Success on my terms!

Below are 100 pictures from my life since creating A Bug Free Mind

(They are an example of me living to what I teach)


Here are a selection of our popular articles

These will give you a taste of what to expect from A Bug Free Mind:

Supercharging Your Ability To Think

This copy needs to be updated when the article is written and improved so that we like it.

Supercharging Your Ability To Think

This copy needs to be updated when the article is written and improved so that we like it.

Supercharging Your Ability To Think

This copy needs to be updated when the article is written and improved so that we like it.

When is now the right time to discover the answer that will transform your experience of life?

If you have been looking for a solution in the personal development world that didn't just teach you things, but made it easy for you to achieve actual results. Most importantly measurable results in the direction you wish to go. Then you have found what you are looking for.

However, I don't expect you to believe that yet! So I suggest you read some of the articles I write. If you sign up below to our mailing list then you'll be kept informed when I add more.

Then if you'd like a low cost but high value introduction to A Bug Free Mind begin with the Footsteps Through Your Mind. You will experience a number of paradigm shifting experiences with this simple 120+ day training.

After that taster you will want to begin A Bug Free Mind. It has been described as the operating manual for your mind. To me it is just supercharging a persons ability to think. I suggest reading, and listening to it for fastest results.

Then if you want to go even deeper, get the Success Made Simple video program which takes A Bug Free Mind to a deeper and even more focused level. Once you've done all that you literally won't recognise yourself... And if you want more then join us on one of the occasional Success Made Certain intensive 10 day retreats.

Thanks for reading this! I’d love to have you join people from around 140 countries and my community of 250,000+ people from all countries who are looking to supercharge their thinking and live the lives they desire to on their terms!

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