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If you're looking to take your life to the next level, then many of our online self-development courses can help you. There's no better way to master an area of your life than by investing in yourself and learning from others the best strategies to help you achieve success. However, almost all teach you 'what you should do', 'what you should think'. Our uniqueness comes in teaching you 'how to think', not 'what to think'. This ensures our courses effectiveness at getting you, your desired results as quickly as possible. 

FREE Footstep Through Your Mind

You are currently living life at a lower level than you can easily live to. Footsteps Through Your Mind will show you simple and easy techniques which you will experience the effects of almost instantly. Footsteps Through Your Mind gives you a simple, step-by-step training plan, which you will see real world, life-enhancing results from. The course has 63 new ways to enhance your life and is an introduction to the full A Bug Free Mind Process for supercharging your thinking.

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What's difficult in life is not the challenges we face on the outside, but the obstacles we already have inside our minds. Nothing can stunt or stop progress as much as your own mind. We are trained to believe that is external obstacles and other people who are bothering us, and holding us back. But the truth is it is our own minds. When we free our minds of all of the baggage we've collected and had forced onto us, then we free our minds to do all they are truly capable of doing.

Our Courses

If you're looking to take your life to the next level, then many of our online self-development courses can help you. There's no better way to master an area of your life than by investing in yourself and learning from others the best strategies to help you achieve success. However, almost all teach you 'what you should do', 'what you should think'. Our uniqueness comes in teaching you 'how to think', not 'what to think'. This ensures our courses effectiveness at getting you, your desired results as quickly as possible. 

Footsteps Through Your Mind

You are currently living life at a lower level than you can easily live to. Footsteps Through Your Mind will show you simple and easy techniques which you will experience the effects of almost instantly. Footsteps Through Your Mind gives you a simple, step-by-step training plan, which you will see real world, life-enhancing results from. The course has 63 new ways to enhance your life and is an introduction to the full A Bug Free Mind Process for supercharging your thinking.

A Bug Free Mind

What's difficult in life is not the challenges we face on the outside, but the obstacles we already have inside our minds. Nothing can stunt or stop progress as much as your own mind. We are trained to believe that is external obstacles and other people who are bothering us, and holding us back. But the truth is it is our own minds. When we free our minds of all of the baggage we've collected and had forced onto us, then we free our minds to do all they are truly capable of doing.

Life Design

Getting the extremely improbable to happen is simply a matter of laser focusing in, and time travel! ...What could be simpler? In this course Andy Shaw teaches live at a recorded seminar how to do both. ...And how to make Life Designing go from what you'd like and love to have in your life, to something which you know and more importantly feel is going to happen. He even goes past the improbable stage and teaches how to manifest the impossible, because if you can create the impossible, then the possible (no matter how improbable) becomes easy. 

Success Made Simple

We have an abundance of knowledge but we have forgotten how to apply it automatically into our lives. It's not what we know that counts, it's what we apply. Success Made Simple is a slow delivery video program specifically designed to turn knowledge and wisdom into applied wisdom. Success Made Simple takes what is taught in A Bug Free Mind, deep dives on the points raised and delivers the wisdom to you in bite-sized-videos over a two year period. Thus ensuring the wisdom is applied and your life and success enters a period of continuous growth.

A Bug Free World Mastermind Community

Right now your potential success and happiness is limited to the average of the people you associate with most. Consider who you are associating with... just how successful and happy they really are? Is it time to raise the success level of your peer group? If so, then A Bug Free World could be exactly what you are looking for to help raise and sustain your level of consciousness and mental strength. 

Success Made Certain

10½ Days To A New Reality. This exclusive 19- person-max intensive retreat. Success Made Certain is the ultimate luxury spa retreat for your mind. Most personal development live events destroy rather than create a persons ability to create success .... This is a complete 10½-day event designed to guide you step-by-step through a complete journey through your mind, leading you to a life of abundance and fulfilment on every possible level. From the material, to the professional, to the spiritual... and everything in between. You will discover hidden in your mind the real secrets of power, wealth, and control. Our promise is, you will advance your thinking by at least 10 years in less than 11 days! 

Everyone Else I Recommend

Andy Shaw creator of A Bug Free Mind

Every product you see below I've either read, listened to or am currently using. I have no idea how many books I've read or listened to. However, in recent years I've stopped reading so much because I both like spending the time using my mind more and re-reading the best of the best I have found. I've included the best of the best for you here on this page.

Inspiration & Self-Development

All these books I've read and they have helped shape my understanding of how the mind works. In my opinion though, they are an education and entertainment more than actual progress (unless I specify progress below). However, these are the very few I would recommend out of countless more I've read since beginning my research into the world of Self-Development in circa 2003.

The Power of Now

This book is paradigm-shifting. It can actually be too much for people who are reading books just to get to the other side of them. This book stops you and gets you thinking. However, you will need more than one read through too. In my opinion, it is a must read.

The Power of Deliberate Creation

This is one of the most effective personal development courses I've ever seen. The material is first class and although I don't agree with everything it is an experience you will take from. I've probably gone through this course five times and I've recommended it several times over the last few years.

Success Engineering

For anyone who wants to take a look at the mechanism behind how the law of attraction works, then this is the perfect introduction to quantum physics. Plus it will help with engineering your success, as Phil says, success isn't chance, success is engineered.

Think and Grow Rich

This book is considered to be the book that launched more millionaires than any other. Which I think is true, mainly because it has sold more than any other in this field. That said some of the wisdom in it is exceptional, and I consider it a must read.

Outwitting The Devil

This book was never released in the Authors life as he didn't think the world was ready for it. I think he was right. It works to expose the ego who is the real thinker inside nearly everyone's mind. While it isn't very practical again in my opinion, it is exceptional education and entertainment, and I do consider it a must read.

Practicing The Power of Now

If you decide to read The Power of Now, then this is a must read to turn the wisdom into some practical steps. I would say this needs multiple reads to extract all the value from it. I wrote an entire chapter in A Bug Free Mind based wholly around the work in this book and The Power of Now. 

Get the Edge

This is an exceptional audio course from Tony Robbins. He packs in so much in 7 audios. I've probably listened to this 20+ times and find it both educational and entertaining. There's not much progress to be made, other than you will feel you are making progress, but you will feel good, really good.

12 Rules For Life

I think Jordan Peterson's articulation is brilliant. You feel good listening and reading this. He also comes across as having no need to compete, when most authors have to know the answer, Jordan is comfortable saying when he doesn't know the solution and is just pointing out the problem. 

Beyond Positive Thinking

Sometimes I look at this book and wish he hadn't written it, as I wanted to write this book, but Robert Anthony got there first. I think this is a must read, however, I did cover the main concepts in A Bug Free Mind. But he covers things in a different and effective way too.

The Greatest Salesman in The World

I would love to have read this book at the start of my business career when I didn't want to be a salesman. This is long before I understood what selling was, and would've shortcut my journey to understanding selling and my feelings towards it, which had been created by misconceptions. 

How Rich People Think

Loads of mindset education in here. It goes through pointing out the difference in mindsets between the rich and the middle class and demonstrates the outcomes of each expectation. A fascinating read if you are looking to shift your mindset around your relationship to money. 

The Top 10 Habits of Millionaires

This is a very simple mindset book which explains the top 10 habits that all millionaires have. The idea being, some of the habits you'll have and others you'll have to look to create. When you do that they your environment will also begin to change. 


There is some excellent work in here. None of it was really practical steps in my opinion, but it established once and for all the veracity of mindset. It's importance, and it is the foundation of what will come in future work in this area. For any into understanding mindset and it's effects it is great education.

The Success Principles

Timeless wisdom taken one at a time. Massive amount of education here on the principles that all success is built on. If you are new to self-devlopment then this is a must read.

The Luck Factor

This book put science in place to replace what I was attempting to explain to people via conjecture. It explains scientifically how we can create our own luck. Or rather, how we can stack the deck in our favour so that chance favours us. This explains the mechanics behind luck. I devoted a chapter in A Bug Free Mind to pulling in a lot of what is covered in this book. A must read for all true success engineers.

The Breakthrough Experience

I had almost finished writing A Bug Free Mind when I was introduced to this book. John Demartini does an excellent job in helping people make actual progress. I don't know what the success rate is from this book, but it will be higher than most self-improvement books.

Subliminal 360

I cannot speak highly enough about this simple software. Supposedly it helps you create big dreams in your life, but I've never used it for that myself. Where I got and continue to get extreme value is habit change. I've used this software to be more affectionate to my wife, to be more grateful, to drink more water, to eat more whole foods, to do more exercise. Whatever habit I am looking to create this is a tool I use to support it. I highly recommend it to all A Bug Free Mind readers as an additional tool to help them. If it didn't already exist here, I would create it myself. It gets my highest endorsement!

Money & Investing

As Harv Eker says, anyone who doesn't care about money won't have much of it to care about. The resources below are the best of a lot of research I've done in this area to create multiple streams of income.

The Science of Getting Rich

For anyone seeking to get rich, this is a must read. For anyone seeking to not be poor then this is a must read times ten. I cannot praise the work of Wallace Wattles enough, it is simply excellent. It explains how people think about money and the effects of their thoughts. It was originally published in 1910, and it is timeless wisdom. It is one of the rare books where I think progress can be made. It is a must read for anyone who uses money in my opinion.

The Science of Getting Rich - Bob Proctor

This is an excellent body of work Bob Proctor has done to dive deep into Wallace Wattles book The Science of Getting Rich. It takes Wallaces work to a deeper level and for anyone who wants to not be poor it is a must do course.

Secrets of The Millionaire Mind

This is another fantastic book for those seeking to become rich, and those seeking to not be poor. Harv Eker explains in some extremely well-simplified ways how people think about money, and why through their thoughts they make the wrong decisions, and how to simply choose the correct thoughts instead. This is a must read for anyone who has to manage money of any amount.

The Richest Man in Babylon

Now I am not a fan of parable books that teach their lessons through the story. I much prefer the practical lessons and specific guidance. However, I make an exception with this book. The lesson/wisdom taught in this story can be shared in a sentence, but it may not be grasped and turned into applied wisdom in most peoples lifetimes. The book delivers the lesson slowly, and it allowed me to change my relationship with money forever. This change has ensured I and my children will always have more than enough. It is a must read, but most will not learn to apply the wisdom.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Cashflow Quadrant

This is a great book which explains in an obvious way why people master the game of money and why people don't. If you are already an investor and have your money working for you, then this is probably not for you. If you are not, then for everyone else it is a must read.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

I first read this book at the start of my journey in self-development and I was already rich by most peoples standards. However, I loved this book. Then a few years later I decided to read it again and see if there was as much value in it as I had first seen. There is a gargantuan amount of wisdom here and anyone who studies self-development and financial freedom should read it multiple times.

How To Get Rich

I think this is one of the best books I've ever read on this subject. Felix explains how he got it wrong and carried on making money long past when he needed to. He explains how he'd do it if he had to start all over again. This book removed from me the meme of needing to keep making money and allowed me the freedom to put in the last piece of the money mindset I needed to live life on my terms. I highly recommend it, if you are serious about becoming rich.

Money Master the Game

Tony has gotten a lot of flack about this book from his avid personal development fans. However, I can tell he wanted to write it. He has had to learn to manage his money and so he explains how he's doing it. I think it's a reasonable read and there is a lot of practical guidance in here. 

Building Wealth

For anyone looking to get into Real Estate investing then I consider this a must read. You have to pull out of it the gems, and apply them where you want to work. But it is pretty much timeless wisdom for wealth building using Real Estate as the vehicle. 

Retire Young Retire Rich

This was my favourite book from the Rich Dad series. I found it the most inspirational and most entertaining. There is obviously a lot of wisdom you can take from here too.

Multiple Streams of Income

This book changed how I thought about money. However, it did so when I was already 100% fixed going one way. Which meant I was not able to change and adapt to the multiple streams of income theory. After the end of my first fortune, I was able to rebuild with this in mind, and link together with strategies in the book below. Plus many more to create those multiple streams. I highly recommend it.

Multiple Streams of Internet Income

Being basically a lazy person I love internet business. What's not to love about waking up in the morning and checking your accounts to see you've made sales overnight. I fell in love with online business years ago and I never get tired of it. But what's better than an online business? ...Simple, multiple streams of internet income. I highly recommend it, and strongly endorse my friend Roy Carter (listed below) who teaches this to people.

The Hidden Secrets of Money

Why is that piece of paper in your pocket worth money? Why does it buy more and less of things over time? Mike Maloney is a money historian and an investor, mainly in Gold & Silver. What this free course teaches is of absolutely vital importance for all who have a little money. This course will make your jaw drop as it will both scare you and inspire you. If you want a shortcut to understanding money and protecting your future, then this is a must watch.

Bullion Vault

This is a great place to buy precious metals online at the professional bullion market rates.  

The Bitcoin Standard

If you're new to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency then the first thing you almost certainly think about is speculation. However, that is the cherry on top of this wondrous invention. This book explains what it is, and what it will do in the future. If you are considering buying some, then this is a great book to read first.

Trezor Cryptocurrency Wallet

Unlike normal government paper money, with Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you are the bank. Therefore, there's no one to complain to if someone steals your money. It's protection is down to you. This is a very simple solution for protecting your Crypto assets.


This is probably the easiest way into the Cryptocurrency market. You can use your credit card to buy a growing variety of Cryptocurrencies and turn Crypto back into your local currency here too. It is in no way the only way in, it's just quick and easy if you want to dip your toe in the water.


This is the largest Cryptocurrency exchange in the world. All the major currencies are available here and the features and trading tools on this site are already the best and getting better all the time. 


This site lists out the vast majority of Cryptocurrencies and features all the major ones. There are a lot of tools on the site too which help with historical information too. 


In the last few years Paypal has gotten better and better. We've been using it for well over a decade and do have a few historic horror stories. All of which were resolved eventually. But a few years ago they changed CEO and became much more customer friendly, since then they have been an excellent resource.


I have had numerous businesses in a variety of industries, some with no employees, one with well over 100. Some I've sold, some I've liquidated. However, the resources below are a tiny few of those that I've read, but these are by far the best I've found.

Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success

This book is simply excellent. It provides the lessons needed to be learned in an easy digestible way. A lot of the information is practical too. Definitely a must read for people in business, and those intending to go into business.

The E-Myth Revisited

This book changed how I approached all businesses. It also taught me a lot I didn't know was there about myself. The only problem I found was it was almost impossible to implement on an existing business. But when we sold our first business I used a heck of a lot of the methodology from this to frame the new company. I've used it ever since and has become part of my thinking around business. I'd say it's a must read.

The 4 Hour Work Week

This is a great book demonstrating that business success does not have to mean working hard for 65 hours a week. Tim Ferriss designed his business around what he desired to do, rather than the way most business people give up their freedom to build their business. Another must read for those in business who are working too hard, and those considering going into it.


This book demonstrates different thinking in business which transforms how employees think about their jobs. It demonstrates how to hand over decision making to employees and demonstrates how effective it can be when done right. I put this into practice in six companies I was running and it reduced my workload from constant to about 5 hours a week. I highly recommend it to people with 50 plus employees.

The Richer Way

This is a transformational book for business. It goes into specific detail about shifting from a company mindset to a customer centric one. Frankly it is brilliant. Everything is about the customer and the employees. And excellent read for both budding entrepreneurs and established business owners.


This book explains why some people achieve so much more than others. It demonstrates the power of the 10,000 hour rule from Rock stars to professional athletes. The take away from this is the power of focus and persistence, and the book demonstrates that extremely well. It is also entertaining.

What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School

Loads of wisdom in this book. It fills in the gaps from business education apparently. However, never having received any formal business education I can only speculate. However, I can say the street wise education it presents is first class and I can say that from practical experience.

The Art of War

There is simply so much wisdom in this book. Most of it you'll miss on the first read through... Mainly because you are so busy agreeing with it, that you won't notice you are not applying it. This is a great business book, even though it was written about war. But it is also a great guide to negotiating and human psychology too.

Start With Why

If you're thinking about a business or if you have a business you want to make bigger and better, then this is a great book. Simon explains the psychology of how crowds work and compares huge companies, one who unknowingly applied this psychology, against those who didn't. The results are amazing. This is a must read for all business people.

No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs

This is time management for Entrepreneurs, if you aren't one of those, don't buy this book expecting time management advice. Because it is very specific. For those who are, you will love this, it will make your life easier, a must read for Entrepreneurs.

What Master Salesmen Know That Average Salesmen Don't

This book is pure gold dust for any direct salesman working in the home improvement industry. However, I think it is gold dust too for any salesman. Pauls has an in depth knowledge of the double glazing industry, he guides you through each step of the sales process. For anyone in the Direct Selling industry this is simply a must. You will not be disappointed. 

Key Person of Influence

If Daniel hadn't written this book I would've gotten round to it one day. It is an excellent and easy read. It gives specific details about how to become a key person of influence in the industry you excel in. He goes through case studies of a personal trainer and a florist and puts in place a pre-eminent strategy. I think it is a must read for Authors and lifestyle business owners.

Roy Carter Internet Income Builders Club

This is my friend Roy Carter. He teaches people how to make Internet Marketing actually work and he does it in a very basic way. The vast, vast majority of people who look at online business, working from anywhere they want in the world, as a dream come true. Then shortly afterwards, after having spent a fortune on courses and disillusioned themselves with no progress simply give up. Roy got it to work a long time ago. Then he taught it on the stage. Then he retired, and now lives on Magnetic Island in Australia and guides people into making it work to replace their income first.  


I began studying marketing in 2004. I am a talented amateur still in my opinion. I have read dozens of books on the subject, some numerous times. However, below are the books I would advise anyone wanting to become good at this to read. If you study these, then to all but a handful of people on Earth you will be an expert. 

My Life In Advertising - Scientific Advertising

Someone I respect said to me, don't spend a penny on advertising until you've read this at least severn times. It was priceless advice. If you have to advertise, then I suggest getting the audio and making notes... You will learn a lot in no time at all. This is a must read for all marketers.

Making Everything You Can Out of Everything You've Got

This is a must read for all business owners, and it is a fantastic read for all who intend going in to business. I think this is probably my favourite book on marketing as there is so much hidden value all over the place when you slow down to look.

The Sticking Point Solution

This is a must read for all business owners too. If you're business is struggling, or if it's plateaued, or if you'd just like to do more business, then this will shift things for you. 

Money Making Secrets of Marketing Genius Jay Abraham

This book is so good I am afraid to read it. I have never finished it! Every time I pick it up, I read a few pages and am compelled to go and put into place the technique I just learnt. It is quite simply a masterpiece, because it is a collection of applicable ideas.


This is a fascinating work on the psychology of why people say yes. Anyone who is selling something from a distance will get value and probably a lot of value from reading this.

The Irresistible Offer

This book is fantastic. In a world where you have less than 3 seconds to make an offer to stay on a page, read a book, whatever... Mark explains how to craft your copy so that your offer is irresistible. A must read for marketers.

The Tipping Point

This is an enlightening read. Malcolm goes through and looks for the Tipping point from when an idea goes from virtually nothing to viral. It is a fascinating read and covers a lot of examples which no end of ideas can come from.

Writing Resources

I've been writing pretty much daily now for about 15 years. However, up until recently my work was non-fiction. There's some new resources below that help with fictional story writing and editing. There are also some software tools which will help get your writing tighter, and more directed, and improve your grammar..

Stephen King on Writing

I read this recently as I had to write some fiction for the first time. It was shockingly good. Stephen King waffled for about 100 pages and then got down to business, and it was a masterclass in writing. A must read for all fiction writers.

Save The Cat

A great book on screenwriting, loads of tips on securing you get in the room. Plus numerous ways to keep the story going in the right way.

The James Bond Cold Reading

This is a great book that can shortcut so much in writing. Basically thanks to the techniques in here you can convince your readers that you know all about them. 

The Story Grid

This is an excellent system for checking your story ticks all the boxes. A very simple checklist which highlights the hidden holes in your plots and prevents you going too deep when you want to self-indulge.


This free grammar checker instantly eliminates grammatical errors and enhances your writing. It's a Chrome extension, so you'll need to work on Chrome browser, but I've found it can highlight things for me when I get can't seem to get the words to fit together. 

Natural Readers

This gives you 20 minutes of free text to speech reading everyday. Or you can upgrade to paid. I use it to read my articles out to me (when I remember to) as things can often sound different when spoken. This will help improve your writing.

Hemingway App

This app costs but it really helps to tighten up your writing. As it does so, you'll find it teaches you too so your writing will get better.

Parts of Speech App

I always struggled to tell verbs from adjectives. That was way too much thinking for me. However, when I learnt persuasive writing I realised that adjectives don’t sell as wells as verbs, so I wanted to add verbs and remove adjectives. This free tool means I can see everything in an instant by highlighting the parts of speech.

Health & Nutrition

A few years ago I first got interested in health and nutrition. I had a few wellness experiences and decided there must be more out there than conventional medication knew about. I used my skills in manifesting to call to me what I call 'core' material. Over the next three years, I consumed information on Health & Nutrition. I estimate that as a hobby I spent 3,600 hours studying this. Which is way short of the 10,000 hours needed to consider it a subject I'd teach in. However, when you compare my 3,600 hours studying core material to the 6 hours in 6 years which student Doctors study on their way to becoming doctors, then you may understand why Doctors ask me for guidance. Personally, I haven't visited a Doctor since 2003. If you just read these 8 books and nothing else you will know substantially more than most Doctors, and you'll be able to help yourself, and your friends and family cure all sorts of things, including supposedly incurable diseases - however, this is just my opinion as I am not a Doctor :-)

Raw Eating

The title will probably put off most people, however, this is probably the cutting edge book on health there is. If you are ready to get serious about health, then this is a must-read. The reason I don't get ill can be found by all those who read this book. However, overcoming the myriad of mindset issues that will come up with this paradigm-shifting book will probably mean it is not of value to anyone who is not ready to get serious about their health.

Aggressive Health

This book has not only the secrets to attaining a level of health which is best described as aggressive, but will give you an in-depth understanding as to how your body works so that it becomes easy to do more right than you do wrong. This is a must read for anyone serious about their health.

The Sunfood Diet Success System

This is an excellent book. Personally I read it at a time when I was focusing on my health and nutrition and it had a stack of great ideas, and taught me a lot I didn't already know.

Colon Health

Not everyones favourite subject, but all disease in the body begins in the bowel. When you learn how this part of your body works or doesn't work then you can quickly fix all sorts of ailments. This is a must read for all who are serious about their health.

Water Can Undermine Your Health

What's killed more people than all the wars and all the disease in the world? You guessed it water. This book educates you on water so that you can choose what water is good for you and what water will undermine your health. This is a must read for all who are serious about their health.

Iodine Why You Need It

This is a very interesting read. The patient stories in this are inspiring and the large amount of ailments that can be reduced and fixed with the addition of something which no one tells us we need is nothing short of shocking. Again this is a must read for all who are serious about their health.

Be Your Own Doctor

I found this book shocking. The simplicity with how to cure all sorts of things including Gangrene, yes I said Gangrene was amazing. If you think learning about bringing dead body tissue back to life may be something of interest, then prepare to be fascinated.

Natures First Law

This book got a lot of bad press in the raw food industry because it plagiarised a fair bit of material. However, there is a lot of good in this book and that is all that I'm interested in. You'll discover quite a few truths which aren't truths when you read it.

Online Business Tools & Resources

Running an online business means using a lot of different web tools.

Thrive Themes

After taking pretty much three years off I decided to re-do our website and evaluated a few of the website building tools out there. Very quickly I saw that Thrive Themes was exactly what I was looking for. It took only a few days to learn. There video support is excellent, there forum support is excellent too. There has been nothing we haven't been able to do easily with this theme. 


For years we struggled to get our landing page conversion past 30%. However, with Leadpages our landing pages went to the high 40's as a norm and the occasional one gets into the 70's. If you are looking for a quick landing page solution, then this is excellent.


This is the platform we build our websites on. Thrive Themes runs on this open source software.


Namecheap offers cheap domain names with a reliable service. We've been buying from them since 2010.


GoDaddy offers domain names too. We have a fair few with them, though we use them a lot less often.

1 &1 Internet

They offer domain names too. However, they are usually more expensive. But the service is excellent.


We use this for all small amounts of hosting we have. It's very efficient when starting out and the traffic volume isn't that high. We upgraded when we were having a lot of web traffic. But we still have some sites on it.

Liquid Web

We use this as it is excellent and can handle the volume we needed.

Amazon S3 Storage

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service for digital assets that allow scalability, data availability, security, and performance. We've been using it for years.

Cloud Direct

This is another Cloud storage company we use too.


This is our password protecting tool. It can create all sorts of random passwords and remembers them for you every time you visit the site. All you need to remember is one password. We've been using this now since 2006.


This is what we use for our website security & protection. 

1 Shopping Cart

This is one of our Shopping carts. It handles all product deliveries, all emails and a myriad of other data too. It's considered to be a bit out of date, but we've found it to never let us down since 2006.


This is our other Shopping cart. It's excellent, and more advanced than 1 Shopping cart, but it's a bit more complicated too.


This is a fantastic web tool. It helps to increase conversion, drive engagement and grow customer retention.

Google Email

After a long time persevering with other email options we switched to Google Email a few years ago. Quite simply it is brilliant. Annoying to start with, but then after a while you love it.

Google Docs

Online document sharing with Google was a game-changer when it came out. Now it's difficult to think how you could do things without it.

Google Analytics

This is a phenomenal analytics tool for website owners. You can see all sorts of things about how people interact with your site and content and this allows you to get better, and target more.


Dropbox is a great file hosting service we use to share images, folders, files, and videos.

Code Share

I personally use this to drop anything off whatever I copy. You can copy anything and paste it into here and you get plain text. There are other tools out there, but this is just a new tab away, simple.


This is a fantastic tool for researching. You find anything you want online and dump it all in here. All your notes are stored in the cloud and available to you anywhere. I use it all the time. If I wake up and want to research a subject it's perfect. If I want to go over old notes everything is there in one place. 


You haven't lived until you've used Fiverr... This is a fantastic outsourcing place. You can get almost anything online done here by people from all over the world. Spend 30 minutes just looking at what's available, from voice overs to website traffic, everything done online can be found here.


Unfortunately this superb software is Mac only. I wanted something more reliable than Powerpoint and moving to this was a massive upgrade.


Again this is Mac only at the moment it was one of the key reasons I went over to Mac, and it didn't disappoint. Even a luddite like me has been able to make good use of it.


I used to use this when I only had a PC, it is the software to record your computer screen on a PC.


We use this as a quick and fast upload of short instructional videos between our team. 


This is one of the video players we use for online video storage and the great analytics it has.

JW Player

This is our other video player. This is for our Success Made Simple videos as the other players we have cannot work on a SSL site.


This is a fantastic tool for quick image grabbing and editing without having to be good with Photoshop. It's really easy to use and it's cheap.

99 Designs

Crowd sourcing your logo, branding, book cover this way is fantastic. You enter a project and how much you'll pay for it, and then competing designers from all over the world submit their designs. You pay for the one design you like. A very cheap way to brainstorm and come up with things you'd never think of.


If you're using a lot of images then a subscription with this site has an amazing selection of royalty paid images.


For the occasional royalty free image this site is great.


This is another great resource for the occasional royalty free image.

Kindle Direct Publishing

It says what it does on the tin.

Create Space

This is a print on demand service we use from Amazon.

Survey Monkey

This is a wonderful survey tool. I've used it in advance of any major product creation. I've used it to survey what people think, to get ideas and lots more. It is one of the best marketing tools we have, because our existing customers tell us what they'd like us to do.


This is the software that runs our helpdesk. It is so good it has saved us laying on temporary staff whenever we run a big promotion.


This is the HTML editor I use. 

HTML Colour Codes

This is a great little tool for finding out what the hex code of a colour in an image is. Try it, it's really easy and free.

123 Apps Audio Extractor

I use this to separate audio from video. But there are a stack of other useful apps for free on there too.


We used to use Goto meeting, but switched to this a few years ago. It is quite simply much better, and much easier to use. Goto meeting always limited me to 1,000 people and some of my webinars have had a lot more than that on them. Plus since using it we've never lost a recording. Happy to endorse this.


We've just started using this for group meetings and so far it looks excellent. I did a small group webinar last week and I was able to see everyones face at the same time. Highly endorse this.


I've been using Skype for years now. It went through a rough patch a while back, but they seem to be through that now. I use it for one-to-one or three way chats and screen shares.


Until recently I have only promoted other peoples Clickbank products, however, on advice from two trusted friends I will shortly be listing some of my products on their too. Clickbank are also a great company and have been a Platinum sponsor at three of my Mastermind events.

PGP Encryption

If you have something you absolutely must keep private between you and someone else, then this works a treat to encrypt your emails.


What can I say about Mind-Mapping software other than it is an essential part of my creation work for any, and every project I do. X-Mind itself has a free version. If you haven't ever used Mind-Mapping, then you are missing out on your potential as a creator. 

Video & Audio

Other than my desktop and laptops this is the only other equipment I need to produce my work.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

This is the USB microphone I use for recording screen captures, audios, or webinars from my computer.

Sony a7 Camera III Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens

A few years ago I asked the cameraman I work with for some advice on the best camera I could get that would work for short videos and be high quality. He suggested this after doing some research on it.

Logitech Webcam Carl Zeiss HD 1080p 

I've found this to be a great webcam, it's a little more expensive, but you can alter the camera settings really easily to get things looking the way you want them to.

Webcam Cover Slide 

A couple of years back now I replaced the electrical tape on my webcams with these sliding covers. They are cheap and excellent.

Boom 3D 

I found that everything on Apple seems to be turned down, so I got this software and it really made music sound good on my Macbook pro.