The Truth About Positive Thinking

Written by Andy Shaw

The truth about positive thinking makes positive thinking easy, not hard.

One of the big buzzes and biggest falsehoods in the world of mindset and personal development is positive thinking. Unfortunately those that teach that you must think positively are giving you wrong directions.

I want to make this crystal clear, the words ‘positive thinking’ can mean different things on different levels and I’ll explain that more further down. But mainly it is that there is simply no need for positive thinking. Positive thinking is going against the law of least effort.

If you want a gauge to measure if something is good or not then look to the law of least effort as your measure for a success mindset… ‘How can I use less effort and achieve the result I want’ is how a successful person thinks ‘without thinking’. In other words it is what they do, not what they think about.

Positive thinking requires you to apply effort to thinking positively about the outcome you want. This is because you know you lack self confidence, so to feel the way to overcome this lack of self confidence is simply to think positively… However, using effort this way will not work as it means you have an attachment to the outcome and will almost certainly mean that you do not get what you actually want – You just get more of wanting what you want.

What that will mean is you will fail. You will think and be told by people that you didn’t think positively enough and so you will have to summon up more effort each time to do it again. This is because your self confidence, and now your self esteem, have taken another kicking.

So you summon up all of the positive thought you can and go for it again. Again you are going against the flow and fail… This positive thought creates failure as I explain in more detail shortly. But this action takes apart your self confidence, self esteem, self image, self respect and self worth… Basically, your effort to think positively is enhancing the certainty of your failure.
You Must Not Think The Way The Experts On Positive Thinking Say To Do It

The world of personal development and including some very successful people think that they think positively, they don’t. Successful people do not think positively and they obviously do not think negatively. They just get on with it, they work diligently on bringing into their and our reality that what they have decided to be a success at.

They don’t think positively and they don’t think about raising their self confidence, they just apply ‘without thought’ the law of least effort. Then when they analyse how they got there, they draw the wrong conclusions from their thoughts. They think they must’ve thought positively and that thinking positively banished any lack of self confidence, so that’s what they teach you. However, that is not what they did at all.

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