3 Magic Words That Eliminate Stress Instantly!

Written by Andy Shaw

Not a single day was added to your life thanks to stressful thinking.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful, a way to eliminate stress instantly what a gift that would be to our wellbeing… But impossible right? After all, you have so much of it and the world tells you it’s too difficult to remove… But what if it was possible… What if?

In the world we live in today of ever increasing ways to communicate and ever increasing numbers of people wanting to contact and touch us… Not to mention the eternal pressures to go out and create money to buy stuff, means we are all working more and more.

Usually both husbands and wives work, otherwise they could not have stuff… So stress builds up and this is just one of the many reasons why less and less people are getting married but the divorce rate does not go down… Which means of course that it is increasing…

Stress is everywhere, and people make a fortune selling ways to control your stress or how to relieve stress… And of course medicine does its bit to give you pills to help you feel less stressed. You buy into this need to control stress… as obviously you can’t cure this demon…

Have you ever asked but why can’t it be cured…? Well of course it can but there is no money in the cure, there’s money in controlling stress… So what I’m offering is the cure as life is far too short to live life so stressed. And besides, there’s far more enjoyable ways for me to make money than by selling how to control stress. So I’ll just give you the cure instead.

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Stress is not its own entity; it is not a disease but a dis-ease. Stress is just something we create ourselves in our minds. Yes, we are the creators of the nightmare we live in. In doing this we do not live well as we damage our own wellbeing. But stress is just a choice…

I know this may sound very easy but you can choose to not be stressed…. I can hear what you are saying, ‘No you can’t!’, ‘Don’t be stupid!’, ‘I wish!’ Or any other one of a thousand sentences… But the truth is you can, stress is a choice, stress is something you are choosing to do, because you are not choosing not to.

Nothing stands still and if you are not choosing to not be stressed, then you are choosing to be stressed in your lack of choice and presence. When you are present then you cannot be stressed, but that’s really for another time. What I’m going to share with you here is why you are stressed.

You are almost certainly stressed because you have chosen to do too much. Or you have had something happen which did not go your way. Or you are worried that something which is yet to happen will not go your way.

So you are creating your stress by allowing it to be there, you are allowing it to be there because you are not accepting what is.

There is magic in those 3 little words if you are willing to tell your ego to shut up talking for a second…

You see, your ego likes you being stressed as it knows you are not present, and if you are not present then it has you trapped inside your mind either in the past or in the future…

But you are not here now. You are here now obviously as you are reading this 🙂 What I mean is when your stressed you are not here now, you are either in the future or in the past. Here now is the only place where you are free from stress. So if you want to be free of stress then there is a simple technique which you must apply to remain here now.

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Andy Shaw

Creator of  A Bug Free Mind