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How To Make Yourself Happy Anytime! – In Seconds!

Happiness is the goal of goals… It is what we do everything in life to attain. It is the elixir of life… We want to be happy… It is at our very core… It is our deepest need for us to ‘live well.’ It is at the very centre of our wellbeing.

So it is kind of important to control!

People stop feeling they can attain happiness, or their ego has convinced them that something they did in their past means that they no longer deserve to have any future happiness, then they commit suicide…

Happiness and being happy is therefore really, really important stuff!

It is also important to know that happiness is just a choice. So you can be happy in the depths of despair just like you can be happy in the most joyous moments of your life… Basically it is just a choice.

When happiness exists you cannot feel bad at the same time, happiness switches on the light and darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. So all you have to do is learn how to switch the light on anytime and anywhere.

When you learn how to be happy in life then you can choose happiness instead of allowing darkness in because you unconsciously chose that instead. As just because you chose it unconsciously does not mean that you did not choose it.

So just before I give you how to do this in an instant, here is the most important thing to remember… Darkness and light cannot exist at the same time in the same place. So if you spend a lot of time sitting in the dark, then here is your light switch.

First you have to become aware… You have to notice that you are not happy and you have to remember that you have in your possession a switch that can turn on the light of happiness…

Don’t underestimate the power of this, don’t let its simplicity blind you as your ego likes keeping you in the darkness… So it can sense that what I am about to give you threatens its existence… So if you’ve had enough of feeling depressed and unhappy all of the time then I suggest you pay very close attention.

When you have noticed you are not happy then you can use this sentence to switch on a light … I suggest you use it when you feel depressed, angry or frustrated once or twice before you judge the worthiness of this tool I am about to give you, otherwise you are going to discard one of the crown jewels of mind control – By the way, judgement is weakness, observation is power… Something you may wish to consider.

When you are unhappy say to yourself, ‘I choose to be happy now.’

That’s all… Say it to yourself out loud now and feel the power of it if you can. I choose to be happy now.

Feel how it can instantly turn on the light of happiness. This is all you need to turn the feeling around in an instant and as I say, don’t underestimate the power of this because it is so simple.

This is just part of the law of least effort, where the simple easy techniques are the ones which produce the greatest results. If you want to see how powerful this is, just apply this today whenever you feel, angry, depressed, or just a little frustrated, as you may be present enough to remember to do it then.

See the power of it then come and read this again and you’ll be reading it with a different attitude, the next time you’ll be reading this knowing that this really works!

However, if you got it… and I mean you really got it!

That the power in those six small insignificant words really can change your life.

Then you may want a whole stack of other mindset tools which will literally transform the way you think and experience your life…

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