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The Truth About What You Really Want

We are brought up by society to believe we want all sorts of stuff… We want to be rich, we want to be successful, we want to go here, we want to go there…

We are taught and trained to believe that what we want always lies on the outside of us. That where we are is not good enough as we are, that to be complete or to become successful, we simply must have more!

So we spend our entire lives looking for ways to get more, as more will make us feel great and make us feel happy… We are trained to want it and want it, and are then taught to really want it! And if we don’t have it then we obviously don’t want it badly enough!

So then according to the way we are taught, our results are meant to show that we obviously need to get better at wanting it! If you haven’t got it, well then you must improve your ability to want it!

Why doesn’t society notice the madness in this?

Because everyone’s doing it, and they (you) are following the herd… As Mark Twain said, when you find your opinion is the same as the majority of people’s, then it’s time to pause and reflect.

How Much More Can You Want It?

If you want something, then you simply want it and it requires no effort. We are trained to think that is what we want and we must get it to fulfil our basic needs as humans.

We then don’t get it and we become frustrated, confused, depressed, and even worry about the reality that we may ‘never’ get it. You see, this wanting stuff gets us exactly what we are asking for… more wanting!

However, we are trained to think by wanting something badly enough that we will get it… But the truth is far from this, as the act of wanting something creates more of wanting it. So we say to our subconscious mind, we want this, and our subconscious mind goes, ‘ok, I’ll give you more of wanting it then.’

And the circle of destruction continues… If you want something you simply have to give up wanting it and accept that you CAN have it… If you decide and know you can.

However, that’s just the wrong way that wanting is taught to us… Is it, therefore, any surprise that we don’t get what we actually want, we just get more of wanting it?

But this doesn’t solve the basic need of wanting which we have all been taught… we ‘should’ want stuff. This, of course, comes from advertising what they ‘want’ to sell us.

The first level of wanting can be removed simply by defining what you do actually want out of life by finding the purpose of life for you… As you do that you can remove all of the things you are not actually bothered about and then only focus on the ‘stuff’ you do actually want.

Once that is done, you now have some targets and you will not be confused by all of the adverts sent to tempt you as you will know for certain exactly what you want. What every single person ‘wants’ is going to be different, so you have to design what you really want in your life and then go and get it. This is finding the purpose of life for you…

But What Do We Really Want?

There is also something which we all want and we all need. This one thing is the truth behind all levels of want… and everything we ‘want.’ It is the one single thing every person on the planet all wants… It is the hidden truth behind all wants…

And all the things you want… can all be boiled down to just one single thing which we ALL actually want…

We all just want to be happy… that’s all…

Everything we go for in life, everything we seek out is all for just one single purpose… To make us happy. It is what we all want and it is the truth behind want. It is the goal behind ALL goals, and there is no other goal at the end. IT IS THE GOAL.

Now you may be thinking what most in the world would think, no I want excitement, or no I want freedom, or no I want to be loved, or any other feeling that your achievement will bring you… However, the goal behind all of those is happiness.

  • You want excitement, because it makes you feel happy
  • You want freedom, because it makes you feel happy
  • You want love, because it makes you feel happy
  • You want a Ferrari, because it makes you feel happy
  • You want a big house, because it makes you feel happy
  • You want a promotion, because it makes you feel happy

“Wait, no it doesn’t, it’ll give me the money I want!”

…And when you get the money, then how will that make you feel?… It will make you feel happy!

You want ANYTHING, because… it makes you feel happy.

The secret to becoming successful is to know you can have everything you want… And when you attain the state of knowing you can then let go of the state of wanting it… You enter the state of accepting you can…

Wanting blocks the road, accepting opens it up.

The word wanting and the states of wanting all have multiple different levels within the word, so your state of mind when using them must be monitored to ensure you are not just creating more wanting.

If you want to be happy then just know this… that your happiness is a choice and you can choose to be happy or sad… You choose it from the inside and it makes you complete… If you have ever been happy it is because you chose to be, if you have ever been sad, it is because you chose to be…

Your happiness is a choice which you have the power over. You are only giving over control of your happiness to external things because you do not realise, or maybe just do not know how to control your choice. In which case, if you wish to attain your level of success then you will need to ‘De-Bug’ yourself.

You do not need stuff to make you complete… Right now you probably think you do, however, you don’t. And when you realise that and you have removed all of your mental ‘bugs’ which are secretly holding you back… at that point, you recognise that you can still want something but it is not going to make you anymore complete than you are now. This is somewhat enlightening when you attain that point!

When you get to this stage, then you can simply go and get all you wanted before. Because now you are accepting you can have it all and you are going with the flow rather than opposing it. You have now ‘tuned into your success,’ and you will become successful as a by-product of what you do.

People fail to become successful because they are trying to force things with want. Learn to be happy with yourself and in doing this you become successful first…

You cannot have what you do not already have, and once you have become successful inside then it is just a matter of waiting around for your external success to show up.

So you cannot have what you want while your mindset still doubts it can have it. You have to move to a state of knowing you can have it.

So the question I have for you is…


Or are you going to just be another one of the millions of people who just talk about success and becoming successful… Or are you going to take your thinking to a whole new level?

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“Successful people know they can have what they want. They know it because… they do not let anyone else tell them otherwise.”

“Success can begin for you when you can finally learn to stop fighting it.”

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