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The Secret To Making Any Task In Life Easier!

Some of the things we have to do in life are not really the things we like or want to do. Sometimes they are the things we have to do and some of these tasks can be quite unpleasant. However, we can and do choose how we feel about these tasks, and it is in that choice we turn unpleasant tasks into painful ones. This is where we use our mind power against us. However, it is simple to make life easier if you just do things a little differently…

How we normally handle unpleasant tasks is we put them onto a to-do list, then avoid doing them for as long as possible. When we do this we cause a build-up of pain.

We cause pain as we put it on the to-do list, knowing we are going to do all we can to avoid doing it for as long as possible. And pain because we know it will eventually be painful when we do it, and then there is the daily pain as we avoid doing it. We have used the power of our mind to create all of this pain… which hurts us!

This pain is all going on inside your mind and it is perpetuated by your ego. You say, ‘I’ve got to do this job’ and your ego says, ‘No you haven’t, I’ll get you out of it.’ Of course, it can’t get you out of it so you put the job off and cause yourself more pain daily between now and when you do the job. By then the job is really painful and well overdue.

Basically, you are turning a job which you don’t like into a painful task that you’ll spend a lot of time regretting not doing before you actually do it. By the time you do it you have made it into this really painful task but when you actually do it, a lot of the time you think, ‘Hey that wasn’t so bad.’ This is because you have falsely created the pain in your mind.

But there is a way to turn these tasks into painless tasks and it is very simple… You just stop creating the pain.

The task is not painful, it is how you feel about it which creates the pain. If you can learn to accept the task and not feel one way or another about it then you can just do the task without pain.

Consider this, would you like to learn a technique which meant you never had any more painful tasks? Of course, you would, who wouldn’t. But the problem isn’t learning it, I can teach you it here. The problem will be applying it as your ego likes the pain, as the pain keeps you trapped. So I can show you how to do it but you have to convince your ego to let you do it.

Once you have done this and demonstrated to yourself that you can do painful tasks without pain, then this is what will happen… You will slip back to your old way of doing it and the tasks will once again be painful. This is because your ego knows how to get to you. And when you notice that you had the power to stop it and you lost it and caused pain again, then it is time for you to read A Bug Free Mind. This works on getting rid of the voices in your head telling you to go the wrong way.

So back to the point, if you accept the task just is and decide not to create pain, the task becomes easier, this is the power of acceptance at work. If you use it then it really is the secret to making any task easier.

It takes a lot of effort in mind power to turn a task into a painful task, but it takes little to no mind power to just accept a task as it is. The only mind power you need to expel is that of remembering to notice not to create pain. So it is easier to do it with no pain than it is to do it with pain.

This Can Be Applied To Any Task

Let me give you a couple of examples. Let’s say you have to tackle an unpleasant task of cleaning out the garage or something similar. Now, this is not the most fun job in the world and you’ve probably been putting it off for quite a while. However, if you use the art of acceptance that you have this job to do then the task has no pain and therefore get’s easier.

So let’s look at approaching it, the task has to be done to get the benefit of a clean garage + xyz benefit. Because we wish to have that benefit, those thoughts help us. Only thoughts that help us to do this task are of any use to us. If we think this task is going to be painful then how is that going to help us do the task?

So if it helps us then think about it, if it doesn’t help us, notice that you have this thought and just ask, ‘How is thinking this way helping me?’ That’s all, don’t judge it, just ask that and the thought will dissolve.

If we think anything other than good thoughts about this task, or no thoughts, then they are the only things which will help with the task. If you are the sort of person who needs to think positively to shut out the negative thoughts then that is only because you haven’t silenced your mind. If you still need to learn how to silence your mind then you can download for free the 1st 5 chapters of Creating A Bug Free Mind.

Trying to think positively does not help, that takes way too much effort and there is no need to think positively, there is only a need to not think negatively as this hinders you. Thinking positively will only cause a re-balance at some point and a painful low. So we do not think positively, we just think workman style. You go about planning for the task and doing the task in a workman style approach.

Every painful task loses its pain if you just accept it as a task, do not allow yourself to think negatively about it and go about the task in a workman style approach. The secret is to notice if you are causing pain and in your awareness of it, just ask yourself what possible benefit could there be in me causing pain towards this task.

Let’s say you have to break up with someone (end a relationship), or you’re an employer and you have to sack someone. It’s usually hard to do this and it is almost certain that you are not going to enjoy doing it. However, if you learn to accept what is and not put up barriers of thought which say, I wish it wasn’t this way, then you can just carry out the task in a workman style way.

When you accept what is and what you must do then it frees you from the attachment to the situation. This is not about making you feel good about these tasks, it is just about ensuring that you do not feel bad.

You now can carry out the task in a relaxed, matter of fact way, whereby you just do the task knowing that it will be done in the most painless way possible. As the task moves ahead, your relaxed demeanour will come across. The other person may get angry about it but you just say, ‘Look this is the way it is and it’s not going to change.’ You say it calmly and without force.

You can then help them if they are receptive by saying you were not looking forward to this but you just accepted it the way it was and dealt with it. When you are in acceptance then you can do this calmly and without reaction. The other person cannot phase you because you are just going about it in a very workman style approach.

Now if you look through your to-do list and identify the tasks on there which you wanted rid of and cause pain, just schedule them in to remove them over the next few weeks without pain.

When a new painful task comes in, accept it straight away that it has to be done. You are not going to create pain around it. You are not going to create frustration and discomfort. You are just going to schedule it to be done.

Then before you do it, spend your time considering how it will feel when it is done, do not spend time considering how difficult the task will be. Just think about the benefits of it being done and how you are simply going to go about it in a very workman style way.

Before, you used the power of your mind by accident to turn an uncomfortable task into a painful one. Now you are using your mind power to turn any uncomfortable task into a ‘non-task’ – something which you just do!

You are using the law of least effort to complete the task and you are using the law of least effort to avoid all feelings of pain and discomfort.

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“Successful people know that the shortest route between here and where they want to go is the one which does not involve them getting in their own way.”

“Successful people don’t like some of the work they do. So they do it efficiently without creating pain for themselves and then design their lives to avoid the work in their future.”

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