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The Attitude That Attracts Success

One of the key secrets to success is that before you can have success, you have to be successful.

What do I mean?

The word successful, like so many words, changes its meaning depending on where you use it, and this is one of those occasions.

Unsuccessful people believe that success just ‘happens to you’, as from the position where they are looking from it appears to be the case. However, one of the key success factors is that prior to becoming successful, a person became successful.

In other words, they tuned into their success and when they did that then success flowed to them, thanks to their positive attitude. Success is all about you learning to go with the flow of life instead of opposing it. We all know it is far easier to freewheel a bicycle downhill than it is to pedal up it.

Success can be had the hard way, but you must realise that it is simply you following the hard path for yourself. A secret of success is to find your natural path to it. Find the way to freewheel towards it and then, as if by magic, success will appear to find you.

So successful people tune into their success and thereby create it for themselves. What you therefore need to do is simply tune into yours. The problem though with unsuccessful people is that they want what they haven’t got, and don’t want what they have.

This is the opposite of success and you will never create it from that position. What you have to do is first become happy where you are and with what you’ve got. You need to stop focusing on what you haven’t got and start appreciating what you have.

You have to practise the attitude of gratitude, you have to become grateful. The more you become grateful for what you have, the more of what you have you will get to be grateful for. I know this sounds like ‘airy fairy’ stuff… but it just happens to be the way it works.

I am not into ‘airy fairy’ stuff, but I am into creating success of all shapes and sizes. To me, I am merely a workman and this is one of the tools I have been given to apply my craft. My opinion of how it works is irrelevant, it is just a law and works the same way as gravity.

Now you can either accept that and use the law for the benefits it gives you, or you can choose to ignore it and consider it ‘airy fairy.’ It, like all things, is your choice. I am not here to sell you on this concept, I am merely showing you the way it works… Your decision of whether it works that way or not is down to you.

If you choose to think that becoming grateful can help you, then it will and if you choose to think that it will not, then it will not… It is a choice, however, there is no downside to assuming it will help you. The way I look at things is that wherever possible, I at all times will avoid a judgement… So if there is no need to judge then you may as well go with it and see where it takes you.

The Tipping Point Of Success

I’ll assume that you would like to become successful and that you would like your journey to becoming successful to be a fun and rewarding one….And one which is all freewheeling downhill.

Now just because I say ‘all freewheeling’, doesn’t mean there won’t be some big potholes in the road, but that you will get past them without too much trouble. Because you are going with the flow.

The secret is to get your mind into a state of knowing that you will become successful in the area you choose to go into. Success for me lies in writing and business, and inspiring people to inspire themselves. But success for Mother Teresa lay in looking after children in Calcutta.

Success will look different for everyone, there are millions of highly successful people who are not massive financial successes. So just because the world tells you massive financial success should be your goal, it doesn’t mean that’s what will give you your greatest joy… You are in charge of what your success looks like.

Your job is to identify what success looks like for you and then design it completely to exactly how you want it to look. Once you do this and you nurture this design… Then at some point in the process of nurturing and conceiving it you attain the state of knowing it ‘can’ happen. Not ‘believing’ it can, ‘knowing’ it can. When you know it will happen then you instantly and naturally become grateful for it – you are now ‘tuning into success.’

This is the process all successful people go through ‘without thought.’ They design what they want, they nurture it, they take steps to bring it into their reality and they work on ways of conceiving it happening… At some point, they tune into their success and are grateful for it. From that point on it’s just a matter of when it will show up.

Then once they have passed the ‘can happen’ stage, they enter the ‘know it will happen’ stage… From that point, their success gathers speed.

Unsuccessful people focus on the ‘belief’ stage, which is actually the ‘doubt it can happen’ stage. Successful people don’t have a ‘belief’ stage in their makeup… Even if they are using the words ‘I believed it would happen’, the state was actually, ‘I knew it would happen.’

Unsuccessful people work on ‘believing’ it, successful people work on ‘knowing’ it. They do not realise they do, they just do. And that is just their natural success mindset working in its natural way. The reason you are not successful is that you are not using your natural success mindset. You instead are running the same old rubbish program that virtually every member of society gets programmed with.

To become successful you simply have to get back your natural success mindset.

And of course, if you study the success mindset or are a successful person, you will know that your success will show up for you at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way, i.e. when you are tuned into it! So all you have to do is acquire the mind state which appreciates that this can and will happen.

When you evoke the power of gratitude and practise it regularly then you are certain of success. However, to get to that stage you must remove all of the elements of self-doubt, which is why I designed the Bug Free process to remove all self-doubt and remove lack thoughts.

A huge percentage of people fail to become successful at the ‘can happen’ stage… because they accept that it ‘can happen.’ However, at this stage, nothing stands still and your thoughts can either carry you forward to the ‘know it can happen’ stage, or take you backwards to the ‘doubt it can happen’ stage. This is what I call the Tipping Point of Success, and every success is decided there.

If you’ve come close to success before, and I am sure you have in one way or another, I suggest you time travel a little with your mind. Remember how you reached the ‘can’ stage without too much trouble, but then notice how you tuned out of success and fell back to the ‘doubt it can’ stage. That was the point at which you sabotaged your success in life.

Noticing how you got it wrong there will provide you with the feelings you need to acquire to notice when you are at the can stage again. When you notice it, because you’ve spent time looking at where you went wrong, then this time you can go forward instead of back.

Appreciating And Being Grateful For What You Have

Appreciation and gratitude are abundant thinking. You are saying, I appreciate this, or I am grateful for that. Then because nature abhors a vacuum, as you become grateful, nature simply finds more of the similar thing for you to be grateful for.

So if you wish to be grateful for the life you have when you are a success, then first you must become grateful for it now. In other words, you cannot have success until you have success in your mind.

Success that everyone thinks about is actually the after-effects of a person having become successful. ‘They had to become that person before they became that person.’ A successful person does this automatically because it is natural to them… Just as it was natural to you once too… You just lost your way thanks to the poor way we are educated in the way things work.

If you want to know the shortcut in how to become successful, then you simply need to become grateful for everything you have now, everything you will have come to you along the way, and of course everything you will have after becoming successful.

The problem is that virtually all people (almost certainly including you) loose their natural success mindset in childhood. Then they spend their entire adult life wondering why they can’t have the life of their dreams.

The reason, of course, is that people’s minds are full of bugs which is why I created the world’s first antivirus for the human mind, my book “Creating A Bug Free Mind.”

If you are ready to stop being stuck and have reached the point when you do not want to ‘wait and see’ if success will happen for you. Then right now you need some world-class education on how to remove all of the man-made bugs from your mind.

That’s the only thing that’ll pull you out of the nose-dive your in right now. The best place to get this education is, of course, my two books “Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind,” and you can try the first five chapters out right now and see if my ‘Bug Free’ process can turn your life around.

You can access them right here: A Bug Free Mind Trial Offer

“Successful people are grateful for what they are going to get from their success. But they are grateful, naturally without giving it thought.”

“Without effort and without thought, a successful person has success before they have it… This is the natural success mindset. If you have lost this mindset, you will need to put in a little effort to get it back.”

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