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Affirmations: Success Tool? …Or Game For Fools!

The vast, vast majority of people who try affirmations don’t get them to work… so will you? However, some people do get them to work… will you?

People assume if affirmations don’t work for them then either they don’t work or they just don’t work for them. They don’t give a second’s thought to the fact that they may just be adding good software onto a computer which has a virus already… In which case is it any wonder that they haven’t worked?

The basics are this, if you know they will work for you then they will, if you know they don’t work for you then they don’t. You are the guide and the controller of the outcome. The affirmation is merely a technique to help it work.

The reason to use an affirmation is to keep your mind focused on what you want rather than on what you don’t want. The problem is you have a radio station inside you’re mind which is broadcasting on 24/7 and unfortunately, it is giving you sh*t advice.

You may be thinking, “No, I’m not doing this, it’s not giving me that much bad advice.” But you are wrong and this is why you are not successful yet. Radio has pulled the wool over your eyes and will continue to do so all the time you are listening to that station! And no matter what you try to do to learn how to be successful, until you remove the Radio’s airtime (virus) then nothing you do will work.

So is it any wonder you haven’t got affirmations to work?… I’ll explain exactly why they haven’t worked for you in a more blow by blow detail further on.

You, however, give Radio total airtime to influence and control ‘in your absence’ how you think. You give the airtime to this station and you effectively go to sleep. So the affirmations says things like… “You’re useless, you can’t do that, those people don’t like you, you’re fat.” All those affirmations are working like a charm… aren’t they?

Trouble is you are an expert at getting the negative destructive affirmations to work, and currently, you are next to useless at getting the positive empowering ones to work.

So affirmations work but they are just a really small tool… In truth you don’t need them for the long term, they are just a transitional success tool. They transition you from predominantly thinking poorly to predominantly thinking about what you desire. However, whilst you are transitioning they are an excellent tool to turning things around. So don’t underestimate their help as they unleash the power of positive thinking.

Whatever You Know Is Right, Is Right

Another thing with affirmations is you have to know they are right… For example, if your Radio sent you this message, “You’re fat!” And you laughed at it then it would have no power over you. What I mean by that is that you would have to KNOW that the message was both ridiculous and of no benefit to you.

Then when you are present enough to hear the message and you see it for what it is, both a laughable suggestion and of no benefit to yourself. Then it takes no strength from you to dismiss it. You have simply become aware of it and your awareness shows you its value, and its power over you simply dissolves.

This is all part of the A Bug Free Mind Process. You start to recognise what is of benefit and what you should think about, and what is worthless and what you should not think about. When you do find one of these worthless messages come up, then replacing the negative self-created affirmation with one where you love yourself for who you are will work easily.

Loading Good Software Onto A Computer With A Virus

However, the basic problem though is that nearly all people try to implant affirmations into their minds without dealing with the negative ones which are already in there. Let’s take one of the most famous affirmations, “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.”

Now if you say this to yourself, it is one of the best there is as you cannot hold both a positive and a negative thought at the same time. So say it and you feel positive; you think, yes I can do this, and off you go. You say it for a few minutes a day and you feel better. Your repetition drowns out your radio for a while.

Then Radio convinces you to miss a day because you’re too busy… or whatever. You miss a day and you feel guilty for it, Radio kicks in and says, “Hey don’t worry it’s done its job, you’re feeling better right?” You think, “Yes I do, cool, that affirmation has done its job, I’ll say it tomorrow though!” Tomorrow comes round and you miss that too. Radio tells you not to worry again.

Several days in you feel guilty and Radio has changed what it’s broadcasting… It changed it subtly every day so that you wouldn’t notice the change, but now it’s saying… “What do you want to do that for anyway? It doesn’t work, look your life’s sh*t! Do you really think saying a few words can really change your life! You know what that affirmation cr*p doesn’t work, or at least it doesn’t work for you!”

And you nod your head and now believe, or rather ‘KNOW’ that affirmations don’t work for you. You were just conned because you were asleep at the wheel. You have let radio change the direction of your life from the possible one you wanted to the one you didn’t want…. And it has done it in a way which it can hold its hands up and say it was acting in your best interests…

You’ve just been conned by the bug in your mind.

Your True Death

You were conned by the greatest conman in the world. One who knows all your weaknesses. And what’s more, you will be conned again and again and again right up until the day you die…

Your true death however, would’ve happened years before your body dies though. Your true death will occur when you give up trying and you hand control of your thoughts 100% over to Radio

Not a very nice future for you really is it… But don’t worry, you’ll be asleep, you won’t feel it. It’s like Alzheimer’s, you won’t know what’s going on so will you really be in any pain? However, while you’re still here you may wish to consider, “Is that what I really want from my life? To die years before I die?”

As you left childhood your mind has steadily been handing over control of your thoughts to Radio And eventually long before your physical death, your true death will occur.

Every day more gets added to the junk in your mind, then some days you try and add a positive affirmation in there. All the junk that’s in there just overwhelms it while you are not there to defend this new thought pattern… which you were trying to install into your mind (you were not there because you were asleep, you were on auto-pilot).

You see, all the time you are trying to load in good software without removing this virus you will get the same result (you think you are stuck and don’t understand why). Then you will think (assume) something dumb like ‘affirmations don’t work.’ And then you spend all your time wondering why you haven’t become successful yet… You are funny!

As a successful person and one who understands and sees Radio for what it is… I can see clearly why you are not and will never be successful. Until you turn the radio off, what chance do you have of getting unstuck? (As you perceive it.)

How A Successful Person Uses Affirmations

Now currently I am not using any affirmations as I am not transitioning. Or another way to describe it is that I am not loading new software (new ways of thinking) onto my computer (my mind).

However, if I was looking to learn something new, let’s say tennis for example, then I would be using affirmations on auto-pilot to burn the new Tennis Success software into my mind.

Once it’s in my mind then progressively lower-level use of affirmations takes place and tennis would now be part of me. In the end, no affirmations would be necessary as my new way of thinking has become part of my life and I do it without thought. So affirmations are a success tool which helps speed the journey of going from where you are to where you want to be.

Affirmations almost certainly do not work for you at delivering the life you desire because, a) they are only one success tool, many must be used and b) you don’t have a bug free mind. You have a bug-ridden mind and you continue to attempt to load good software onto it.

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“Successful people use affirmations on auto-pilot. They don’t think of them though as affirmations, they are just thoughts.”

“Successful people have their ego’s voice telling them that they can’t do it too… However, because they are still in touch with their natural success mindset. They somehow know the voice is lying, so they just ignore it.”

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