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Supercars? Mansions? Bulging Bank Balance?

Yes, you can have it all! However, is it likely that you will?

No, frankly the odds against it are staggering. Only 1 person in 714 ever ends up with a net worth of a mere $1 million dollars… And only 1 person in 75,188 ends up with an ultra high net worth of over $30 million dollars…

So basically that’s one person in a fairly large-sized town. Which as I am sure you know from your own experience of where you live is about right.

So you ending up as one of them, given that you haven’t done it yet, is slim at best. However, it is only slim because you haven’t got the mindset for success, and nor does everyone else who falls short.

When you have this mindset, then financial success boils down to how much you want to go and get it and over what time period. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Before I became one of the ones who had a high net worth of over $30 million I previously had spent years building a business and it was considered a success by virtually all who looked at it. The ‘all’ of course were people who were not successful. The few who looked at it and were not impressed were guess what… the successful ones.

They instantly saw through the superficial success to the truth of what we had going on… Whilst we had over 100 full-time staff and 30 to 50 subcontractors and part-time people, a turnover of around £7 million, a few factories, stacks of equipment and countless vans… The successful few knew that…

We were only making an income, we were not making ‘real money’… We were not making life changing money.

Now this changed over lunch one day when my business mentor told me that all my ideas were good but that they all lacked one thing… Money. I needed money to make my ideas work. So what I did was decided to go and become rich, I did not know why at the time but I just knew at that point I would make millions.

I had a natural success mindset and I was willing to do all it took to become rich. When I set out I intended to become rich, I did not intend to generate over £5 million in assets and cash in the first year alone. Then treble that within a 3 year period and then going on to make even more in various other business ventures.

I had all of the toys, two Lamborghinis, four Ferraris, two Mercedes, the world’s fastest car… A Koenigsegg… Multiple houses, holiday homes in the UK, multiple holiday homes abroad, countless holidays and trips away… Staying in Vegas at least once or twice a year as well. Vegas didn’t count as a holiday, it was a non-stop party… More like work really 😉

Anyway, you too can have all of the toys but you cannot do it without having the right mindset. The right mindset created all of this for me. All successful people have this mindset. However, if you do not have it, then, unfortunately, you either have one which is waiting for the spark to ignite it as mine was (this is a tiny, tiny possibility). Or you just don’t have it at all.

So the chances are you just don’t have it… But you did once. Once upon a time, every person had this same sort of mindset. Some of us are a whizz at business or a whizz at something else, but the fact of the matter is that no matter what skill set we have, we all once had a ‘natural success mindset’.

The problem is that life, society, the media, our parents, our friends, all bring us up. And unless we are exposed or retain contact with a natural success mindset then we lose it. This is down to the law of use it or lose it. I was fortunate as despite my previous business not being a massive financial success, I was in the state of nurturing my natural success mindset. So when the trigger came it was activated and off I went.

The money I made was simply staggering and still shocks me now when I think about it. But what shocks me more is if I had been asleep and if I hadn’t have had that spark which sent me off in the direction to become rich. What then? How would my life have worked out?

The truth is life is ready for the taking for those who have the balls to go and take it. The choice is you can wait in line and ‘hope’ that your fuse is going to be lit by some person at the right time and in the right way. Or you can figure out how to ignite it yourself… So what’s it going to be?

Are you going to rely on that bullsh*t ‘hope’ line that the media, your friends, your family and every other unsuccessful person on Earth feeds to you? Or are you going to listen to someone who has been there, done it, made a fortune, had all the cars, toys, holidays, homes and the entire ultra high net worth lifestyle… Or are you going to switch off and go back to sleep… And rely on ‘hoping’ that ‘something’ will work out?

The simple fact is if you are relying on hope then you may as well give up now. Speaking as someone who can create success I can assure you there’s a lot of disappointment in your future. I made millions and millions and I lost millions too… I was standing on the edge of being about to make hundreds of millions when it all fell down for me. But then what an opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

But do you know what I had got from all the money I made? It wasn’t the wealth and it wasn’t the toys… The most valuable thing I kept from all the riches I created was the knowledge of how to do it again. I had acquired a wealthy mindset.

I now know how to make millions again and again. This is something which is true security. But you can only get this security when you’ve learnt how to do it for the first time. Losing it gave me the opportunity to change my direction, and I snapped it up because had I not lost it then my path would have been completely different.

You see this is a wealth mindset, a mindset which sees the positive in the negative. There always is one, in my case, there were many, too many to even mention. This is what wealth gives you… Riches are different to wealth, wealth survives all of our life situations if we allow it to.

So after I lost it all I was in a position of having the wonderful opportunity to go again. Obviously, I would rather not have had this opportunity but it was what it was so I was going to enjoy it.

I looked around and decided there were many different options for me to go and create what most consider wealth again. So I would go and get rich again, to me this seemed obvious as I knew I would. My success mindset was still fully intact after being delivered a body blow.

I had exactly the same feeling I had when I first decided to make millions and I knew I would do it. This is the same state of mind a child goes through when they know they will walk.

Obviously, none of us remember that time, however, if you ever get the opportunity to watch a child learning to walk, then look at them. Really look at them, they know they will succeed. As you look at them you can find that mindset in yourself. It is a feeling and as you look at the child you will feel it again. Go inside your head, explore the feeling and you will touch your natural success mindset again.

I knew I would succeed again and this is the crucial difference between the successful few and the unsuccessful many. All successful people know they will succeed. They get their mind into its natural state of knowing they will succeed and then they go and succeed.

Side note:- We all have this ability but only a tiny few can cultivate it as the books on the subject only work for those who already had it anyway. This is what inspired me to write Creating and Using A Bug Free Mind. I saw a gap in the market.

There were thousands of books on success but they only worked for those who would become a success anyway without them. When I first realised this I thought well that must be ridiculous, but then I looked at the results – nearly 100% failed to change their lives and become a success.

So I sat back and figured out why their books didn’t work and then designed a process which did work. Not Rocket Science really, I just saw what was being taught wrongly and changed it.

I discovered when I started to write that the successful few are the ones who managed to avoid having society’s program rammed into their mind. Nearly 100% of people (the unsuccessful majority) succeeded in having the program installed onto them. …And the fact that you are reading this probably means you are one of them.

Removing this program therefore is key to getting back in touch with your natural success mindset. So if you want to remove the program in order that you can free your mind and get back to a state where you just know you can do what you desire to do.

Then you are probably ready to learn the most powerful mindset techniques there have ever been written down. If you are then you will want to start by downloading and reading the first 5 chapters of my book Creating A Bug Free Mind.

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“Successful people dare to dream big. They imagine what their future could be if they decide to create it. Once they’ve decided they then work every day to bring their dream into reality.”

“Successful people don’t believe they will succeed, they know they will. Their success has already happened in their minds… They are just waiting for it to show up in everyone else’s reality.”

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