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Dealing With Depression

What blows me away about this subject is all the confusion that surrounds it. It is simple to cure so I can only consider that people either want to charge sufferers for the weekly dose of psychology to help with their depression or that they have no idea how to cure it, so instead they treat the symptoms with medicine.

Now I know to depression sufferers that me saying it’s easy to cure is almost an insult. However, it happens to be the truth. The trouble is though I have met stacks of people who suffer with depression and the amazing thing is they all say the same thing…

…That they hate their depression and the fact that they have to take medicine for it. They wish they could remove it from their lives. Yet as soon as I start to show them how to remove it, they instantly start to defend their keeping their depression… So they are actually fighting to be able to keep harming themselves…

It is like they need their pain to be who they are, and curing it would rob them of something valuable. I used to look at this and think it was me who was explaining it badly, but then after a while of watching so many people act in the same way, I began to understand what was going on.

Depression Is A Choice

A few obvious bits first… A conscious person would not choose to be depressed as that is bad for their well being. So obviously their actions are not the actions of a sane conscious person… as depression makes people temporarily insane at best.

Depression is a choice, there may be some chemical boll*cks going on inside the body too, but they are usually brought about because of the thoughts in your head creating some bad sh*t, and not because they were there before the thoughts…

So at the end of the day, depression is a choice and you can choose how you feel about things. You can choose to feel happy or sad, happiness is a choice too and so is sadness.

I’m not talking about extreme situations here… If your relative just died then it is a completely different thing… That sort of event isn’t relevant for everyday depression. So don’t allow your ego to throw up that as an objection.

In fact, if you are throwing up objections at all, you may wish to consider why you are… As this is intended to help and in fact cure you of the ailment that you ‘say’ you want rid of.

The trouble is that your ego loves you being depressed. With you depressed, the chance of you going off and creating some bright new future for yourself isn’t going to happen because most of the time you are almost too depressed to blink. Let alone create success!

You Can Have Success Or Depression… But You Can’t Have Both At The Same Time

Basically, if you suffer with depression then you are never going to create success. So you can either give up on success or decide to give up on depression. Both cannot exist together whilst you are creating your success.

You can allow depression in when you have created your success if you want, but you can’t take it with you on the journey. So the choice, if you want success, is that you have to give depression up.

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘How can I give this up, I didn’t choose this. I would love to give this up!’ But have you considered the question… would you? You see your ego loves your depression; it makes your ego feel safe.

…Which is why when I start to tell people how to rid themselves of it, they choose to try and defend their depression. This is because they have gone unconscious; they are not present and are temporarily insane. If they were present, do you think they would lift a single finger to hang on to their depression?

Of course not. To not try and do everything which moves you in the direction of its removal would be insanity. The trouble is that people think that this sort of ailment is now just something that they have to accept in their life and for the remainder of it.

Experts – Your Depression Is In Their Interests

Their psychiatrist or their doctor has told them that they can deal with it. That they will be alright and over a looonnnnng period of time they may be able to get this fully under control.

These people are recognised experts. They have qualifications and fancy letters after their name… I have none of that. I am no recognised expert on depression and the only letters after my name would be something like N.O. B.U.L.L.S.H.*.T. A.L.L.O.W.E.D.

The situation is this, just because the medical world which has two parts: –

  1. Doctors (who have no idea about depression unless their lords and masters, the pharmaceutical companies, have decided that it is in their interest to give them some education on it, as it will help sell their pills) and…
  2. The pharmaceutical companies who are happy to produce pills that combat the body’s effects (i.e. they profit from very well from it, especially as they know that this ailment can be dragged out for years).
    Then there is the psychiatric world (who feeds off depression in a BIG way). Just because all of those ‘experts’ tell you depression is difficult to deal with, doesn’t make it so.

If you’ve suffered with depression for a number of years then you’d be forgiven for believing that it wasn’t easy to remove. You’ve probably had recognised expert after expert confirming the substantiality of it in your mind on a weekly or monthly basis.

You’ve probably sought out advice online too which has also confirmed that this ailment you have is a very difficult one to tackle… But actually, they are all wrong… And I know that your ego won’t like me telling you that… but it doesn’t change the fact that they are. In life, so often the simplest solutions happen to be all that is needed.

For example, this is what depression is. You have amazingly painful headaches and sometimes you even fall unconscious… It turns out you are hitting yourself on the head with a hammer and causing yourself this pain… How do you cure this ailment?

Simple, yes you stop hitting yourself with the hammer and the pain goes away… That’s all depression is, you hitting yourself on the head with a hammer.

But I Have A Chemical Imbalance Which Causes My Depression

This is a process, there may have been a time when you did have a chemical imbalance and you ended up depressed. What happened then was you created neuro pathways and associated patterns of thought. Then the next time you considered a subject, the pathways were already laid and you just followed your well laid out route map to depression.

So after your body first suffers a chemical imbalance it is then easy for some people to slip into a depressive state. The funny thing is that the only reason they can go there is that they are not aware that they can avoid going there. If people realised that they can avoid it then they could do that instead.

The trouble is that this is too lucrative a subject to tell people how to avoid it… That’s if they know of course.

But as I’ve said before, the ego likes you being depressed, the medical world masters like you being depressed and the psychiatrists need you to be depressed.

Have you ever thought to consider that all these people profit from your depression? So do you think it is in their interest to cure you of it?

Ok, so let’s deal with curing it as it’s far easier to cure than to talk about the problem of it.

How To Choose To Not Be Depressed

Depression is a choice you have made, you chose to be depressed. At the time you first went into it however, it was an unconscious choice, as no one who was present would consciously choose pain.

So how did you make the choice? Simple, you were not the controller of your thoughts. You think you are, but unfortunately, you have an entity which exists inside your mind. The entity is formed from all your past life experiences and assumptions, and the entity’s job is to keep you safe.

Now, when you say it like that, you’d be forgiven to think that this entity is beneficial. However, it is about as far away from beneficial as you can get. You see, this entity only has past life experiences and is therefore afraid of the future as it does not know what is there.

If you wanted to live every moment of your future life retracting a bit more and never do anything else different in your entire life then there may just be a fractional minute little bit of use for this entity… But not unlikely, even if you really were that sad.

But as humans, we live to grow, so at the same time we have a nutter inside our minds which is seeking to contract. This dichotomy causes all sorts of ailments, fear, anxiety, stress and of course depression.

Let’s start by you going and experiencing your depression, except this time imagine yourself as the observer of your mind. Your mind can experience the depression and you can observe it. So go and get a little bit depressed for a minute and watch how it makes you feel weak and useless.

Observe all of the crazy thoughts that come into your mind, things like: –

• ‘You’re a failure!’

• ‘There’s no point you being alive.’

• ‘No one likes you.’

• ‘You’re ugly.’

• ‘What’s the point?’

• ‘I hate my life.’

• ‘I hate myself!’

• (insert your favourite here!)

Now go and experience a few of them, not for long though as we don’t want you slipping off into a massive depressive state do we?

Go and do it now, then come back.

Your Thoughts Cause Your Depression

What you did there is feel the pain, I take it you noticed your pain.

Now ask yourself, how did you become depressed then?

Well, you placed thoughts inside your mind which made you feel depressed.

So what if you didn’t allow those thoughts to be there from now on. Without those thoughts would there be any depression?

If you hadn’t guessed already, you create your depression and the secret to removing it for good is to just stop creating it. Do that and your wellbeing is fine as you will have no more depression.

There are several little mindset tools which you now need to know to be able to prevent yourself from suffering with depression.

I am going to keep them simple – I go into more detail about them elsewhere on the site – and into much more detail in my book Creating A Bug Free Mind. But in truth, all you need is these tools and you to remain aware enough to use them to break your habit of depression…

As that’s all it is, a habit, a very bad habit that is destroying your chance of being a success and robbing you of having a great life.

The first mindset tool is – No thought stands still, each thought either helps you or hurts you. You can choose which thoughts enter your mind, you have that choice. Your ego will tell you that you don’t… but you do.

All you have to do is notice the thought, see if it is helping or hurting you. If it is hurting then say, ‘There is no benefit to me of you being here, so I don’t require you anymore.’ If the thought helps you and makes you feel good… then why not expand on the thought.

The second mindset tool is – Acceptance of what is. What has happened has happened – it cannot be changed. Your attachment to it can either be helping you or hurting you. When you think about something from your past which makes you depressed, then think… ‘How is this helping me?’ As you look at it you will see it is valueless at best and it will take little to no effort to let go of it. In the same way that dropping a hot rock involves no effort to let it go.

If it is being persistent and you can’t let it go… then simply apply tool one and watch it dissolve. You are in control of the thoughts you put in your mind. Yes, you are, so you can control the bad ones by just noticing that they do not help you… This isn’t hard. It is only hard if YOU think it is hard. If you think it is easy then it is easy.

The third mindset tool is – Surrender to everything. What has happened has happened, so surrendering to that relieves you from the attachment of it. So you made mistakes, they cannot be changed. The future is not set though, and just because you made mistakes does not mean you will be forced to make them again.

This would be like a speed boat’s wake having an effect on the future direction of the speed boat.

You also use surrender to what the future holds too. Whatever will happen will happen. You will do all you can to prevent bad stuff from happening, but at the end of the day, you will surrender and accept what is happening.

But you will not be creating any more bad sh*t. Don’t get me wrong, some more bad sh*t may continue to happen to you for a few years… However, it will get less and less as you practise these techniques.

But you have probably spent years manifesting bad sh*t… And manifesting stuff can take years before the stuff you’ve been manifesting finishes happening. So surrender to the fact that you manifested it with your thoughts, and so you will deal with it with mindset tools one and two when it comes to you.

I could talk for a day on depression and really delve in deep about how you construct your depression with your mind and discuss many ways of dissolving it in any number of given situations. However, at the end of the day, it will all come down to the use of those 3 mindset tools.

The danger you will face is your lack of presence. If you are not present then your ego will quickly trick you into having an attack of depression. So you must learn to feel your body again and recognise when you first start slipping into depression. Catch yourself at the start and ask, ‘How is this thought helping me?’ Keep asking that same question again and again.

Then it will soon become impossible for you to go into depression because you will have not created it to start with. You will have grown new neuro pathways and you will automatically avoid depression rather than automatically becoming depressed…

Sounds too easy doesn’t it? Well, I like easy, you have to marvel at the medical world’s either incompetence, ignorance and ineptitude or their downright greed… As this ailment is self induced and can be solved simply by not creating it. Go on, stop hitting yourself with the hammer!

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“Successful people can get depressed too. But not before they have achieved success.”

“Successful people are quick to recognise what helps them and what hurts them. They seek more of one and total avoidance of the other.”

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