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How To Slow Down Time

You want more time to get things done, right?

Well, I take it you’ve noticed how each year seems to pass faster and faster… How you seem to have less and less time to do things… And with every new superfast time-saving device you buy that you have noticed the paradox which comes with them…

…That each of them does what they say they will do and that they save you time… But overall you have less and less time?

If you’ve got to 35 or 40 years old, you may have even given a little thought to the fact that you seem to be racing here and racing there. And pretty soon you know, even though you don’t want to think about it, that you are racing and rushing your way to your grave!

Now if I was to catch you in the hour before you died and I asked you what you wished you had done with your life, do you know what you will have said to me?

Let me share with you what you will have said… You will not speak about the things you have done which you regret doing, you will have spoken to me about the things you regret you did not do, that you wished you could’ve done.

You will have said to me that you wished you could’ve had more time – it is our last wish… And today, if you are awake enough to read this, I am going to show you how to slow down time.

You see, right now you’ve slowed down, you’ve slowed down enough to read this. However, in the back of your mind, your ego is getting ready to burst out and tell you…

“Enough of this, let’s get back to it… Let’s back into the race, after all, you know that’s the right thing to do don’t you… You don’t want to listen to this bloke about time… He’s just taking up more of it telling you this stuff, you know whatever he’s going to say anyway, so let’s get back to getting you where you want to go.”

The reason your ego is saying that to you is that he or she can sense the danger for it in what I am about to give you… He or she does not want you thinking, because if you think you can change things… Your ego doesn’t like change, your ego likes the same… It knows the same because it has experienced all of that. Your ego, which controls you and therefore is you whilst you are asleep…. fears change!

So now if you have managed to read this far and not be dragged off, then maybe you can tell your ego to keep quiet while you learn how to create more time by just slowing it down.

Using Your Mind Power To Slow Down Time

If you are awake or asleep, time passes at the same speed… yes? Well, how come when you slept for 5 – 8 hours last night you did not notice the time passing at incredible speed to you? You went to sleep and you woke up in the morning, the time passed in a brief moment… but it was still the same amount of time right?

You were asleep of course so you were not aware of the passage of time. Simple explanation… yes?

Well, your lifetime is passing fast simply because you are not aware of the passage of the time, you are sleeping through more and more of it as you age!

When you become aware of the time, the time appears to slow down… As an example of this, just look at you being awake. Your waking hours take longer than your sleeping hours because you are awake and aware of your life.

As you get older you tend to do less and less new things and you become more experienced at the things you are good at. As you do this you become less and less aware of you doing them. This is natural with us, we have a mind so powerful that it can perform billions of different functions every single second without having to interrupt us.

Occasionally your mind says feed me or sleep now, but apart from that, we are allowed to go about our lives while it performs more varying calculations in a second than all the computers in the world could possibly cope with added together. Basically, our mind power is nothing short of the most amazing thing on Earth.

It is, therefore, no wonder that as we age and become more efficient that our mind shuts us down on repetition tasks. Now if we are shut down we are not aware. If we are not aware we see hours, days, months and years slipping away and seemingly going faster and faster… We all know that time is a constant and doesn’t speed up or slow down, so what does?

Our perception of it is altering all of the time… We are using the power of our mind unconsciously to switch off our lifetime.

Now, this is a good thing… Yes it is! Because if we are altering our mind power to perceive that it is speeding up then we can also use our mind power to perceive slowing it down. This is just one little feature of our mind power. Think about this, this is actually ‘creating’ more time because while you are asleep time is lost, when you are aware time is made.

Take me for example, though I am not the norm… As I age, each year appears to be getting slower. I seem to be able to fit more into my life. I seem to be enjoying every moment more. I control how I feel about the passing of time. To me time passes slowly because I have made a conscious decision to slow down time.

Every day I slow it down just a little more on average. I still get days that pass too fast, so instead of just saying, wow that time flew… I use those trigger words as a reminder for myself to notice how I allowed time to fly.

Then I go back and look at the time which appeared to fly and I then see how my perception allowed the day to pass so quickly. By noticing what I did wrong enough times, I am able to catch myself in the process of doing it, and thereby stop myself. Hence as each day passes, time slows down for me…

Would you like to slow your life down, do more and feel more satisfied?

The Waking Sleep Of The Human Race

The ability to do this is to not be asleep during the day. I don’t mean close your eyes asleep, I mean your eyes are open but you are not experiencing what you are doing. This is what I call the waking sleep of the human race.

You and them are always in a rush to get everywhere… Yet have you ever stopped to consider, is all this rushing actually helping me or hurting my life?

I don’t rush, I don’t have deadlines, I don’t do rushing PERIOD! If someone asks me to do it by a deadline then I say no… I may have it done by that time but it will be done when it is done. I don’t do rushing… Rushing for what? To die sooner?

What on Earth made us ever accept this as a good plan?

If you wish to slow down time, you have to notice the lack of any real value in rushing… Look at all the meetings, train rides, taxi journeys, rushing car journeys and notice how they could’ve happened anyway but without the rush.

Don’t let your ego come in now, no need to make a decision here, and there definitely is no need to make a ‘rush’ decision.

The world is asleep, as the world ages they sleep more and more, this is why they/you have less and less time. A child has an abundant amount of time, they do not even know time exists until we adults have explained it to them. If you were able to ask a squirrel what the time was… the squirrel would say, “What’s time? There is only now!” You, of course, would think, stone me a talking Squirrel!

The point is that animals and young children live outside of the constraints of time and the good news is you can re-learn this too if you decide you can…

All you have to do is train your brain to accomplish what was impossible for you to ‘believe’ just before you started to read this. This is how powerful your mind power is!

The method to do it is to simply become present. Be where you are. If at any time you think, am I present now, then instantly you are. Your thought about it brings you back to the present. This is exercising your mind so that you can use the power of your mind to get out of the rut that weak-minded training has allowed you to fall into.

Do You Know Why The Present Is Called The Present?

Because it is a gift, it is all you ever have and it is all you ever will have. While your ego is silent and I have you present, you may wish to consider giving more thought to not sleeping through the gift of presence which I am presenting you with today.

If you find yourself in your waking sleep, then interrupt your pattern. Stop, slow down. Force yourself to go slower if you have to rush then deny it! Go the opposite way. Still do the task but enjoy every moment of it without rushing or feeling the ‘need to rush…’ Enjoy it, even if you don’t like it, stop sleeping through your life and you will create more time just by slowing your life down.

If you need things to help you slow down, they are everywhere, just go and watch nature, go and watch an animal… Just watch and be where you are, feel yourself, feel your arms, your legs, your body, just BE there. As you slow down to watch and become aware, you are slowing down your perception of time.

That’s all you need to do, just become aware and you can own the present again and you get to experience your life to the full again… Just as you did as a child. People ask me how I can be so positive, however, I am neither positive or negative, I am just here now in the present and enjoying it… Enjoying whatever I am doing in the present.

Trust me, it’s good to visit the present occasionally, you’ll know when you have as they will be the only bits of your life that you care to remember… But you just visited it before… And I can tell you from experience that living here is the very best place to live that there is.

One last thing, as you notice how you are not present, be grateful for noticing it and you will be given more times of noticing it… This is the path to becoming predominantly present and fully experiencing your life again as you did when you were a child.

You have always yearned to re-create the feelings you had when you were young. Well thanks to your awareness and the power of your wonderful mind, you can do that again… As long as you know you can and you keep your ego shut out.

You will never have enough time to create your success until you learn the skills that successful people have on auto-pilot. Instead of automatically rushing to ‘try’ and create your success, you have to learn how to control your relationship with time.

So the question I have for you is…


Or are you going to just continue to rush throughout your life in the vain ‘hope’ that as you’ve been doing it for so long, that one day it may start to work?

Or are you ready to get realistic, take responsibility for your success and make it happen instead?

If you want to know all the steps to raising your mind power to a level where you can easily create your success then I have a hint for you…

Go and read the first 5 chapters of my book Creating A Bug Free Mind which you can access right now and be reading in just a few minutes.

It is time for you to stop sitting on the sidelines, looking at successful people and wondering ‘if’ you will ever be one of them. It’s time you decided to become one of them and take your mind power to a whole new level.

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“Successful people know that their future success is created in their mind when they slow down and use it correctly.”

“Successful people are able to relax and enjoy the journey because they know the path they are on will take them where they intended to go.”

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