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Are Your Everyday Thoughts Making You Richer, Or Poorer? – How To Become Wealthy!

I’m about to tell you something here which you may think you already know. However, if you are not living the life you desire then you do not know it, you only think you know it. You may know it on the intellectual level but knowing it so that you make it part of yourself is something completely different.

Well what I’m about to share with you is what you need to make part of you. And if you don’t make it part of you then you are almost certainly going to remain trapped in a life which doesn’t bring you much of what you truly desire.

The skill I am about to share with you today is the core secret to wealth and becoming wealthy. It is also the very first step to becoming rich and successful. So you may well want to pay close attention to something which you probably think you already know!

However, before I tell you… What you are going to do as soon as you’ve read it is this…. You will go back to your life and within 20 minutes you will have completely forgotten you read this.

You see, that’s why you are trapped where you are, your ego (the voices in your mind) have a very cunning way to keep you trapped. They do it through distraction and use of existing thought patterns. I saw a report the other day which said 90 – 95% of what people think about each day was the same as the day before. This doesn’t surprise me, however, figures are always just a guide in these sorts of things.

So if I were you and you want to create a new thought pattern, then you may wish to stick a rubber band around your wrist for the next few days. This serves as a pattern interrupt, to snap you back to thinking about this. Every time you see it, you are snapped back to remembering you had forgotten this again, and then over time you can create a new thought pattern.

Each time you notice it, think what thought you were just thinking about and evaluate it using the technique below.

Right now I think you should be very present and ready to hear something as powerful as this, and really hear it as well. It is a real gem I’m sharing here and well worthy of your thought, that’s if you wish to create wealth in your life anyway.

Thoughts – Powerful Stuff

Our thoughts create our outcomes. No thought stands still, it either helps or it hurts. If it hurts then it takes you away from your desires and if it helps it takes you towards them.

Not all thoughts are the same. Every thought is different, some take us towards where we want to go fast and some slow. Some drag us away from our desires fast and some slow – Each thought is different, they do not fit into a neat box but they are in two categories… they either help or hurt. And if you want to have wealth in your life then you need to remove the hurt and nurture the help.

There is nothing in the entire Universe which stands still. Even the chair you are sitting in is moving at 1,040 miles an hour. There is nothing, nothing… which stands still, so a thought which has no substance does not stand still either. But even though it has no substance it can take you all sorts of places. If you doubt this then try doing anything without a thought! What matters is the direction you allow them to take you.

Now you have the power to direct where you go as you have free will. But you have to be present to watch your thoughts to be sure they are taking you in the direction you want to go in. Because if you are not present then your ego will put thoughts in your mind which take you in the direction ‘it’ wants you to go in.

Evaluating your thoughts will get you present, the present is the only place you can affect the future. You cannot create the future in the future, you have to create it in the present. If your ego is running the show then you are not in the present. You are either regretting or reminiscing about the past or afraid or wanting the future. However, you can only affect the future if you are present.

Most people live their lives out of the present and allow their ego to run their life for them in their absence. This way they are allowing their ego to decide their thoughts, and unfortunately, if you are not leading the life you dreamed of then the chances are you are one of them.

Don’t worry though, it only matters if you want to be successful. If you are happy with a mediocre life of pain then you can stay thinking this way. If you want a wealthy successful life then you need to change.

However, your awareness can reverse this problem and you can become present again, you just need to remove the bugs from your mind. The way to do that simply is to just evaluate each of your thoughts and ask this question. Is this thought helping me or hurting me?

You will quickly start to see which ones are hurting – When you notice them, drop them. This is the power of awareness. As you notice it so you are able to stop repeating the same mistake again and again. Snap your rubber band when you notice that you thought something which is hurting you and decide to not think about it anymore.

Now, when you find a thought which is good and helps you, decide to think more about those sort of thoughts. If it helps, stroke the rubber band as a reward if you like, for thinking the right way.

If you could spend a day in your mind like this, thinking about what you are thinking, punishing yourself when you got it wrong and rewarding yourself when you got it right, pretty soon you will start to notice your thoughts all of the time.

If you can’t devote a day to it, then the rubber band will trigger you to evaluate what you’ve recently been thinking about, so this will snap you back to presence.

You will start to notice how you have been thinking so many bad thoughts and how they haven’t been helping you. Then as you fill your mind with more good thoughts and more things to take you in the direction you wish to go in, then so you fill your mind up with good thoughts and leave no space for the bad.

This is not positive thinking. If you like it is just correct, natural thinking, as it is unnatural to think of things which do not help us. We are the only species alive that does this, but there are a few people who have managed to escape this trend of the world, we call those people ‘successful people’.

You see, the successful people still occasionally think poorly, however, their predominant thoughts help them. Whereas unsuccessful people’s predominant thoughts hurt them. Are you starting to see and understand the power of this and how it can change your life?

So no thought stands still and your thoughts really do create your outcome. If you wish to get back your natural success mindset then you have to start predominantly thinking thoughts which help you and stop predominantly thinking thoughts which hurt you.

This is the single only skill required to change your life 100%, master this and you will be a master of it all. However, mastering this is not simple with our disease ridden minds, which is why I created the A Bug Free Mind process.

When you have had a go at this, and you realise you like your new way of thinking, then I suggest you transform your entire life and read the books. However, you can get a taste of some of the amazing life transforming benefits you’ll get just by reading the first five chapters of my book “Creating A Bug Free Mind.”

These chapters contain the foundation skill to creating your life by design. All success comes from this skill and without it you will NEVER create your success. I know that you’ll agree with me later once you’ve had a go at mastering this success foundation skill.

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“Successful people know that the future they want is not going to be created in the future, but now in this moment so they devote their time to creating their future now.”

“Successful people know that their success is created in their heads first. For it to happen in reality it has to happen there first.”

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