Start 2020 in the Best Possible Way!

...By Spending 3 Days In Early January With Me Andy Shaw At An A Bug Free Mind 3 Day 

Take Back Control Event 

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How will you be starting 2020?

If you are looking to Take Back Control of the direction of your life in 2020... Then this event is perfect for you!

How about using a long weekend with me, Andy Shaw in Fort Lauderdale Florida on January 10th, 11th & 12th ... To catapult yourself into next year & beyond? 

  • Just imagine starting 2020 off with a MASSIVE BOOST to your mindset... 
  • Just imagine starting 2020 off with a MASSIVE BOOST to your confidence...
  • Just imagine starting 2020 off with a MASSIVE BOOST to how you feel about life...
  • Just imagine 2020 delivering for you on all of it's promises... 2020 not just being another year that drifts off, where no real progress is made...
  • Just imagine 2020 not being more of the same, but instead, the point at which you create & sustain a significant up levelling of your thinking, and your life...

...How good will that feel? 

How good will it feel to be passionate again about getting more from life, getting what you deserve to have from this life of yours...

...And getting it in 2020 and beyond?

Just think about it...

Instead of drifting through 2020, like 2019, 2018 and all those other years...

No! Not in 2020!

...This year you made a change and instead...

You really start living again by taking back control of all of your life!

And by getting MASSIVE BOOSTS in confidence, motivation, inspiration, clarity, focus, and simplification.

And as you experience this MASSIVE injection of enthusiasm...

You'll also be pattern interrupting your life by sharing a wonderful time with me, my son, and a group of other A Bug Free Mind students who are all looking for the exact same results and the up levelling of their life, that you are.


If you are fed up being stuck at the 'trying to change' point in life, and instead desire to simply have the ability to change things at will... Change habits, change results, or just feel better every day...

Then you are going to want to read every word on this page... 

So what are we going to cover during our time together at the premier Take Back Control event?

Before I tell you that, let me quickly explain how I decided to run this event.

This year, for my 10th year in a row I'll be going on a Caribbean Cruise in mid-January and this year for the first time I'm taking my son David on it.

So after recently deciding to open up more of my diary to help A Bug Free Mind students, I thought this was an almost perfect time, to begin a new special 3-day event.

Because I know how empowering what I teach is, especially when I teach it live. The simplification of seemingly insurmountable mindset problems that my subconscious mind serves up to a new or existing question causes massive mindset shifts for people.

...And I discovered a while back that I secretly love teaching this live too.

So I thought this year instead of just coming to Florida for a cruise... This year I'd run for you and for me, this new Take Back Control event. Plus it'll be the first event where my son David gets to hear me speak! 

So what's in the event?

There are 3 days which I've set it up to help you in very specific areas, which are also all connected.

However, if you've attended any of my events before, then maybe you want to pick and choose days, so I've made that easy for you...

Anyone can come on the first day only, the first & second days only, the second & third days only, or ALL three days!

So these options are there to help new and existing students.

Ensure 2020 delivers on its promises

...By Spending 3 Days In Early January With Me Andy Shaw At The A Bug Free Mind

Take Back Control Event 

'The person the mentors go to when they get stuck'

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Click on the grey boxes below for full details on each of the 3 days:

Take Back Control Day 1 - Life Design Day

Take Back Control Day 2 - Creating & Sustaining Real Change

Take Back Control Day 3 - A Bug Free Mind Mastermind Day

It is hard to put into words how profound an impact Andy has had on my life. I have sought out his help for personal challenges, for finding my path in life and for specific business issues. And each time he showed me an answer or way forward that was so obviously right that progress was unlocked and success became completely straightforward. He possesses a clarity of thought and perspective that I have not found in anyone else. That means he clears away all the noise on any challenge provides an insight that is remarkable. As a result of working with him my progress has accelerated in ways that I hadn’t previously understood to be possible. Andy will help you get wherever you want to go (and likely somewhere far bigger!) fast - and you’ll leave knowing that your success is completely certain.

Andrew Leedham  //  Author, Business Owner & Mentor

I realised the first time I met him, that Andy thinks very differently to most people. Now I, like several of my peers, go to Andy whenever I'm stuck or confused. The things I most value are that he's brutally honest (yet kind) and 100% objective so he can look at several potential solutions and evaluate them equally. Once, in the depths of despair, I asked him what to do and his answer had a massive impact on me ongoing, empowering me to find my own answers, make my own decisions and trust my choices. His books are still on my bedside table and I credit them for changing the way I think, for the better, forever. Highly recommended.

Nicola Cairncross  //  Author, Speaker, Podcaster

I recently had the privilege of spending a day with Andy. We discussed large range of subjects including business, health, parenting, personal development, travel, cryptocurrencies and removing obstacles to success. I was at ease the whole time and it really was just two friends enjoying conversation, lunch and coffee in a very relaxed setting. This is one of the unique things about Andy. He is an extraordinary man who has the answers to any questions you may care to ask but he is also an ordinary man who is so easy to relate to. When you take up this opportunity be prepared for Andy to over deliver. He always does. My intention for the day was to get a clear path for the growth of my business and to find what I was missing. Andy clearly and succinctly answered these and several times asked me if I had further questions. Oddly enough one of the biggest benefits of the day actually occurred the next day when I got the answer to a question I didn't even realize I needed. This answer will forever shape how I approach life from now on and will have an incalculable value on my life. Having experienced the benefits of this day I will almost certainly be taking advantage of the opportunity to do it again in the future. If you desire breakthrough results the this is the way to get them.

Chris Dagg  //  Business Owner

You are going to have a great experience...

The days will begin at 9.15am each day, and they will run to about 5.00pm. As you'd expect there will be coffee breaks, and we'll have a buffet lunch (which is included).

The days are relaxed, come as you'd like to. I will probably be in shorts (unlike what you see in the picture).

Even though it is casual, I will be roughing up your mind a bit and getting you very focused... 

You will experience multiple paradigm-shifting moments, and you may struggle at times as I stretch your mind... 

But I will be there to help you grow.

Just let me know if you're struggling and I'll simplify it for you... Plus if you need to ask, then there will be others too who will appreciate me slowing it down and explaining it more, so speaking up is encouraged.

Then for those who want to, I'll be in the bar after dinner for a couple of hours - maybe more on the last night. Buy me a beer, and we can chat there.

Plus for just a few people...

If you'd like to join David and me at a VIP dinner, then places are limited to 6 each night.

This is because I can only sit next to a few people. Plus without my friends, Pete & Tim there to organise everything it's going to fall on me and I'll be focusing on delivering the courses to you.

So I don't want to mess up, so we will keep it simple. If you'd like to join us for dinner then this will be offered on a first come first served basis and after you've bought your ticket, then one of the options is to upgrade to a VIP dinner.

Your Possible Future

You've read all of this now and you can feel how different a future is available to you.

  • Imagine taking back control of ALL areas of your life...
  • Imagine creating the changes you would love to make...
  • Imagine sustaining those changes, so the life you'd love to have HAPPENS!


  • Imagine unlocking the secrets hidden in your mind which will propel you towards the life you deserve to have!

The life where you have TAKEN BACK CONTROL! 

Where you have the success, and fulfilment you deserve to have... Where you are able to deliver on the promises and the hope you have for your life.

...How good will ALL that feel?

I know it will feel good, and I know you deserve what you are more than capable of having...

  • Imagine, no longer feeling that you are not good enough...
  • Imagine, no longer feeling that you are not capable...

But instead, you're now delivering the results you once dreamed you could...

Seriously now, how good will that feel?

Are you ready now, today, to turn this possible future into your real future?


If not... Then the 2020 New Year drift is almost certainly going to set it, just as it has in all those previous years...

If not... Then what is going to stop you from being trapped in the habit of motion with no real progress...

If not... Then what is going to take to shake you out of your current patterns... What will it take for you to get a different result...

Think about it...

If not... This special Take Back Control event, then what else are you going to do to break the habit of doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

You want a different result, I know you do, and that's why I've created this event, it's why you are reading this now...

But there's a little secret!

I didn't create this event for 32 people, I created it for one person... I created it for you!

But only you can see that, and only you can feel that to be real...

So I ask you again now...

Are you ready now, today, to turn this possible future into YOUR real future?

Yes? ...Then there's just one thing you must do...

Spend 3 Days Ensuring 2020 Delivers On All It Promises To At Our 
Take Back Control Event!


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  • Life Design seminar on Laser-focused manifesting
  • Creating & Sustaining Real Change seminar
  • A Bug Free Mind Mastermind day
  • Includes the Perfect Partner Design and the Financial Freedom Design
  • Includes the Life Design Course recordings - recorded in 2014 - Value $495
  • Includes access to a special new 2-hour Q & A webinar on Life Design to be held in March 2020 for all at this event only
  • Includes our Success Made Simple Accelerated Learning Course - Value $495
  • Includes the recordings of this training course when recorded in the future - Value $495
  • Includes access to a special new 2-hour Q & A webinar on Creating & Sustaining Real Change to be held in March 2020 for all at this event only
  • Includes access to all future webinars too
  • Includes the mp3 recording of your part only of the mastermind
  • Includes lifetime access to A Bug Free World Mastermind Community site membership - Value $448
  • Are you a previous customer? Then you also get a $250 discount on this price if you have already purchased either Success Made Simple, or The Life Design Course (contact us here for special payment instructions)
  • Are you a previous Success Made Certain student? Then you get a 50% discount (contact us here for special payment instructions)
  • 60 Day 100% Money back guarantee

One payment of:

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You can secure your place with confidence, the second payment is due 60 days after you make your payment today. If at any time during those 60 days you decide you can't come. Then we will refund your deposit and will not collect your balance. 

Simply say the word and I'll personally refund every penny of the purchase price in the first 60 days!

Then right up until the 31st December, you can request and you will get a 50% refund. The remainder we will keep to cover our costs which I'm sure you'll understand is fair and reasonable because we have incurred costs and almost certainly cannot sell your place to anyone else.

Your questions answered:

Is there a discount as I've attended previous events?

Is this the same material as you teach on your Success Made Certain events?

How intensive are the 3 days?

Will you be running more Take Back Control events?

What is the refund policy?

How long will you keep this offer open?

Will there be a chance to have dinner with you?

Is there a special price to bring a second person?

Can you give me the venue details?

If I've failed to answer every question, then please contact us and raise a ticket, we will get back to you soonest.

Or just ask me a question below!