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Give Me An Hour A Week & I'll Show You How To Be A Better You!

Right now, we are living in an unparalleled time where we simply do not know for sure what will happen next, and even what will happen!

While most live in the FOG of fear, anxiety, stress, doubt and worry about what 'may' or 'may not' happen to them.

If you can just take a step back, and slow your thoughts, and feelings down, or even silence your thoughts entirely, then you already know...

That there are benefits waiting for those who can think rationally and for those who can 'stay calm while all others are losing their heads.'

And you know...

That there are Financial Benefits for those who know what to do, and are able to think clearly enough to act on this current opportunity and,'Ride the Wave!'

The Rational Thinking Webcast isn't for people who just want to survive in this trying time. It's for people who want to thrive, grow, and make a profit too!

The Easy Way To Beat The Biggest Hidden Problem Right Now 

The problem right now, isn't a lack of thinking. ...It is, way too much thinking! 

But way too little rational thinking! ...And then far too few appropriate actions!

Right now, at the point of this golden opportunity it is crucial to have the following few key abilities...

1) You must know how to pick your brain up and use it rationally.

2) You must know when to put your brain down and be able to live fully in the moment.

Here's the problem...

Overthinking and a lack of presence will destroy what you are attempting to create.

And a lack of rational thinking will mean REACTING out of fear, stress, doubt and anxiety, rather than RESPONDING instead, with highly rational decisions that suit your chosen aims.

Today, your ability to RESPOND instead of REACT to all the constant changes will be what separates you from those who are being, and are going to be crushed by them!

Our world is changing by the hour, you think people all over the world are stressed and panicking now, well there's much more really 'bad stuff' to come yet...

And staying ahead of that curve means you get to 'Ride the Wave', and not have it wash right over you.

The sad truth is... That unfortunately many will drown from this, and many, many more will fail to take the appropriate actions, and therefore will not benefit from all the hardship they've been forced to endure!

However, because you are here right now, you do have the opportunity of finding the mental, physical and financial benefits that can be found here on the webcast each and every week. 

Every Thursday On The Rational Thinking Webcast... 

  • We take the current thinking apart and look at better ways to think.

  • We look at disseminating truth from lies and propaganda.

  • We look at health & immunity - which seems to be missing at an almost criminal level.

  • We look at profiting from the position the economy is in - when to wait - when to move - and what to move where.

  • We look at ways of making the most of the situation we are in where it comes to raising our levels of consciousness.


  • We look at learning lessons faster than is possible thanks to input from all over the world.

Now if you are someone who wants to do more than just survive this troubled time. And you are someone who wants to thrive, grow and make a profit too...

Then there are now 25 additional member places available on the Rational Thinking Webcast. 

As soon as these places are taken, the monthly price will rise from $99/mth to $199/mth. 

So act now if you can see the value I'm offering your today.

Plus as a way to encourage the use of Bitcoin, there is a 15% discount available if you decide to pay with Bitcoin.

Just see below for details.

If you choose to join us and grab this bargain, then I look forward to answering your questions and explaining all sorts of goodies on the webcasts.

If you'd like to know more, then I've also added some additional info and a short sample video taken from a recent webcast below.

Or if you've heard enough, then just click the Add to Cart button right now, and you'll have instant access to all our previous webcasts in the next few minutes.

Thanks for listening, I'll see you soon on the Webcast.

The Ability To Adapt To Change & Still Think Rationally Is Today's Key Skill

Andy Shaw creator of A Bug Free Mind

Hi, I'm Andy Shaw.

For the first time in history, the whole world has been forced to come to a standstill.

Some see this as a horror, a few accept it as it is, and a few of us are looking for all that this 'interesting' time can teach us.

Right now there is an abundance of fear, anxiety, stupidity and poorly drawn conclusions going on.

It's fair to say, and fully understandable that almost everyone is feeling a bit anxious, afraid, unsure and a little overwhelmed right now.

Well not quite everyone...

Over 10 years ago I wrote 2 books called Creating A Bug Free Mind & Using A Bug Free Mind.

They taught people how to have complete control over their minds. 

A person's outer world could do whatever it was going to do, but their inner world was always together... Always looking for opportunity to benefit and gain progress with their dreams and desires... Always grateful for just how powerful they now were.  

The Bug Free Mind Process taught people mental strength, mental health, adaptability, focus, rational thinking, consciousness raising, abundance and how to accurately control the all powerful mind they had been given.

As such, I saw the pain and panic going on, and so decided over the next few months, while we are all having our lives turned upside down for 'the greater good'.

To present a 'Rational Thinking' webcast as a way of providing some mindset strength at this time of need... 

So as A Bug Free Mind, I'd like to present:

The Rational Thinking Webcast -
For those who'd love to get their thinking way out in front of the herd.

> I thought you may like, enjoy, appreciate, and maybe even love hearing some rational thinking in this time of insanity.

> I thought you may enjoy having in-depth answers to highly volatile situations, and discover how to react with wisdom to those you love around you.

> I thought you may enjoy having my thoughts on how the game is changing, and where I think the best positions will be as we come out of the madness period.

> I thought you may enjoy learning how to maximize your appreciation of this wonderful moment in our lives despite all the fear, all the desperation, and unfortunately probably all the death that is going on around us.

> I thought you may enjoy having the smart answers for those you love and feel good at being the person they come to, to understand the madness.

> I thought you may enjoy spending some time nurturing yourself and giving yourself time to think about how you rebuild your life & re-balance it to suit a more awakened you.

There will be winners and losers that come out of this, and the losers will be in the vast majority. 

The winners will be the tiny few Rational Thinkersthe informed, the enlightened, the prepared, those who are acquainted with, 'what's probably going to happen next'. 

These tiny few, can and will, put themselves in the right position to endure, grow, learn, raise their consciousness, and then be in the right position to profit as the opportunities present themselves.

It is important to learn how to pick your brain up then use it rationally, then put the darn thing down and live in the moment, when it is time to live in the moment.

Overthinking and lack of presence will destroy what you are attempting to create, and the journey to that destruction will not be a pleasant one.

So we'd love to have you join us so we can help you power up your mind, health and wealth too...

On the webcasts, I'll be joined by two close friends and Bug Free Mind students.

Nicola Cairncross - Nicolacairncross.com

We meet up online once a week for 45 to 60 minutes and they ask me your questions and then discuss my answers.

Sometimes members join in too... But we are always short on time as there is a lot to cover!

Here's some examples of the sorts of questions we answer on the show:

  • How to control my anxiety in this time?
  • How do we help those around us who are really scared?
  • How to truly accept what is?
  • How to stay off the news?
  • How to stay grounded when a lot of media, even the BBC can push anxiety?
  • How do you think the economy will respond?
  • How can I better prepare to face this?

Plus we get live questions too.

From the feedback we've had so far we are providing members with some mind-melting moments as well as some simple solutions to complex mental health problems.

We have throw in a few odd urgent webcasts too if something bad goes down and lots of your questions come in!

These included a series of 3 webcasts on your bodies immune system and all the options available to you which most Doctors have no idea even exists!

The truth is, the world travels too fast to understand the messages life clearly gives us, and now we have been globally given the opportunity, to slow down and smell the roses…

If you’d like to slow down and smell the roses more, then please join us each week on the Rational Thinking Webcast.

Best wishes,


P.S. Here's a little sampler for you from one of our recent webcasts:

A Bug Free Mind presents:
The Rational Thinking Webcast

** These are held every Thursday at 3.00pm UK time, 10.00am EST, 7.00am PST **
Previous webinar recordings are available to all members.

Some things we will be specifically covering (subject to you asking me to) over the next few months:

  • People are worried about dying when they should be worried that they are not really living.

  • Humans haven't learnt how to live, they have learnt how to exist and die as slowly as possible.

  • The multiple lessons that this virus is giving us, for example, little things like being still…

  • Why looking for the answers but still stuck in fear means the answers won’t make any difference to you…

  • Being fed up listening to people you place little trust in and are then subsequently being afraid of what they are trying to make you afraid of!

  • The whole world travels too fast to understand the messages life clearly gives us, and now we have been globally given the opportunity to slow down and change our thinking.

  • Why panic buying is a belief that lack is real and abundance is not.

  • Why the lack belief comes from a deep seated belief in your own lack of self-sufficiency. And how this is directly reflected in the world’s mental health.

  • How you intellectually understand you are responsible for the world that you create, yet time and time again you hand over your power by misplacing your trust in those not worthy of it.

  • How the virus situation isn’t trying to point out our older generation are less worthy, it is peoples words that are doing that.
  • How the older a person is the more resilient and calmer than people who are younger.

  • How regaining a connection to older peoples wisdom could well be worthy of your time.

  • Why a downturn in the economy is required, and likewise the quick recovery will be required too.

  • Why this is going to be an opportunity to reset your values and choices into how money controls your life, just like a virus does.

  • How this time is about nurturing yourself and giving yourself time to think about how you rebuild your life, and how you re-balance it to suit a more 'awakened' you.

  • How the restrictions we are all currently living with are short term and superficial... However, how those we impose on ourselves by failing to learn the lessons this is offering us, are long term and extremely harmful to us.

  • How this virus has shown us we have lost the essence of community with those we live nearest to, and we spend too much time in our heads and not enough time developing our connection to those we are near to.

  • How this virus will be short lived, 2 years at most… And why most of us seriously doubt our ability to overcome this...

  • We will be getting you to pause and think, and think rationally and abundantly…

  • Why this world wide shock needed to happen for the world to wake up.
  • How most people will non-consciously chose to remain asleep, so a future shock will be needed again.

  • The many ways in which this virus is trying to teach you how to live… & how buying shed loads of loo roll is people failing to learn the lesson.

  • The first time in history the whole world has been forced to come to a stand still, so why a reset is on offer…

  • How Mental health is going to be a huge issue over the next few months & what to do to combat it in those around you

This is an all-new webcast, and I have no testimonials for it... But here are just a few from over 1,100 I had on a blog post when I released a previous new product

How did I get that many responses on just one blog post?

I asked the question, 'Has this course been valuable to you?’

YES. Brilliant. A different fresh approach. Has made me very happy, lighter and smiling a lot more. Life is looking much better instantly. Many thanks.

Lidia Ferguson

Yes, it has been very valuable. Your program material came at a perfect time. I was feeling depressed over my current financial/career situation after the passing of my husband. Your program refreshed my mind to the practices that have worked so well for me in the past, including attracting and marrying my soul mate 25 years ago. Some where along the way I had forgotten just how powerful these practices are. Blessed Be.

Rev. Sandra Weisner


Linda Laspina

A resounding yes, Andy! The blog posts and your free chapters of your awesome book have been gold. I’ve never heard the subject approached and discussed like this before. All the best to you.

Bill Douglas

Thanks Andy. I love how your programs have transformed my thinking, & now my actions because of it. The “nutter” in my head…”baabbs the old fat bitch” … is told to just nick off these days….hahahah. I use the skills you have given me & share these with my clients… it helps them too… I now also recommend & in some cases … INSIST that they buy your online audio program. 

Millie Swann

Found this a very practical way to make a difference … love it.

Steve Munford

This material has been so good and mind transforming indeed, it’s able to trigger action to overcome fear and doubts. It also enables an individual to have a better self image.

Wisdom Moganetsi

Your work has opened me up to some many more possibilities, I really do feel like the ‘bugs’ that have been blocking the flow have slowly been dissolved. Thank you Andy for sharing all your wisdom and insights.

Mic M

Yes, I have found this training very effective. Been listening and absorbing to a multitude of mind set and energy clearing programs for 5 years now. Many have been helpful but Andy has a simple way of saying things that really clicks. It brings a level of clarity that I have not found anywhere else. Thank you!

Tracey W

Andy, your clarity and insight has made sense after years of searching for greater understanding about life and abundance. I will recommend your work to everybody in my life.

Debbie Lord

Yes, it opened my eyes to the things that were essentially hidden to me. I was indeed sleep awake. Thanks Andy.

Paris W

Yes, absolutely. I resolve to continue with the program.
You are deserving of this feedback. I don’t want to be one of those who could have but did not provide you feedback. Best wishes.


As I mentioned in an earlier post. This is the missing link. If there were a way to become certified to reach it, I would be all over it!!! It literally changes lives. I am happy and proud to be a part of it.

Tony Allcock

The training has been very valuable to me and how I live and think. I am very grateful to you and how my life has changed since I started the training

Percy P

I have been studying the Law of Attraction for many years with limited success, I now know why. I never applied the knowledge that I thought I had learned. Time to learn how to think. This method just seems so right for me.

Jeff Christensen

This has been amazing, and so down to earth and to the point. It brings together so much that genuinely cuts through “problems” to offer a workable solution. A huge YES from me, that will be getting even larger as the lessons become part of my life.

Neil F

A Bug Free Mind presents:
The Rational Thinking Webcast

** These are held every Thursday at 3.00pm UK time, 10.00am EST, 7.00am PST  **
Previous webinar recordings will be available to all members.