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with me Andy Shaw Creator of A Bug Free Mind

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If you are looking for the answer to your current problem...

...I can tell you I don't have a magic wand. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me the solution for people like you!

If you've done the work with A Bug Free Mind... And you know it's right... And you know the answers you've been looking for are there for you in it...

But for some unknown reason you just can't get past something, or you just simply want more of the good life you have now... Which means you're looking for the next level for your life...

Then this is for you!

I know you‘ve gotten a level of success already, but maybe you're looking for an extra push, so I figured doing this was giving you that extra boost...

I’m willing to open up my calendar to help a select few people a year… with counsel, not advice from someone who has a very eclectic set of skills... Skills I've used to help countless people from all over the world solve all sorts of problems, and move on to living an even better life.

Shortcut your journey to success with uncompromising counsel from someone who...

  • Lives the life he designed based on everything he teaches in A Bug Free Mind?
  • Is the person the mentors go to when they get stuck?
  • Works only in your best interest whilst not judging you?
  • Will tell you the truth as he sees it, based on your designs, your intentions and your perceptions?
  • Allows you the freedom of thought to really get to the bottom of a situation and then plan the best way forward, all to suit you in your current situation?

Here's what 2 people who have been on this Private Day with me thought of it?

It is hard to put into words how profound an impact Andy has had on my life. I have sought out his help for personal challenges, for finding my path in life and for specific business issues. And each time he showed me an answer or way forward that was so obviously right that progress was unlocked and success became completely straightforward.

He possesses a clarity of thought and perspective that I have not found in anyone else. That means he clears away all the noise on any challenge provides an insight that is remarkable. As a result of working with him my progress has accelerated in ways that I hadn’t previously understood to be possible.

Andy will help you get wherever you want to go (and likely somewhere far bigger!) fast - and you’ll leave knowing that your success is completely certain.

Andrew Leedham

Author, Business Owner & Mentor

I realised the first time I met him, that Andy thinks very differently to most people. Now I, like several of my peers, go to Andy whenever I'm stuck or confused.

The things I most value are that he's brutally honest (yet kind) and 100% objective so he can look at several potential solutions and evaluate them equally.

Once, in the depths of despair, I asked him what to do and his answer had a massive impact on me ongoing, empowering me to find my own answers, make my own decisions and trust my choices.

His books are still on my bedside table and I credit them for changing the way I think, for the better, forever. Highly recommended.

Nicola Cairncross

Author, Speaker, Podcaster

If you are looking for clarity and confirmation of thought, or just way outside-of-the-box ideas...

Then meet one-to-one with the creator of A Bug Free Mind Andy Shaw.

I am known as a simplifier because he can usually find the simple solution to all problems from the complex massive ones to the tiny most delicate ones. Or he can find the obvious but hidden answers to your biggest questions. Or I can just confirm for you the bad news and then prescribe the very best way for you to handle it.

If you are looking for clarity and focus then this five hour extended lunch meeting with Andy is exactly what you are looking for.

You are going to have a great experience...

You visit me at my home in West Sussex UK at around 10.30 to 11.00am. We chat over coffee for a while, then if the weather is good, and just for fun we hop in the Ferrari and go to lunch in one of my favourite Sussex pubs. 

My intention is to make you feel very relaxed in one of these intimate locations so we can really talk.

During our time together we can cover a wide array of subjects as directed by you. As we get to know each other you'll get clarity, focus, motivation, inspiration, simplification and much more in those specific areas you wish to discuss. Plus if you want me to, I can record our time together.

Because I have an eclectic set of skills, it means you are going to get something which you simply can’t get anywhere else.

This exclusive intimate session with me will be a truly unique experience!

Here's how it works...

This five hour one-to-one costs £1,500+vat. 

You pay a £300+vat refundable deposit now. We then contact you and arrange a time to chat. If you meet our criteria (details below), then you go onto a waiting list for a date (details below). When you agree a date, you pay the balance and we send you full details of your one-to-one day with me, Andy Shaw.

The Private Days with me go on sale at 8.00pm GMT time on Thursday 17th October


Register below if you would like us to email you 30 minutes before places go on sale:

Are you a previous Success Made Certain student?

Then you do not need to wait until tickets go on sale...
Just contact us here for special payment instructions.

Here's what 2 more people who have been on this Private Day with me thought of it?

I met Andy in July of 2019. I was experiencing real difficulties at the time in my personal life. My father had recently been admitted to the intensive unit with pneumonia. The responsibility of guiding my gorgeous family through this difficult period had taken its toll on me. A few weeks later my wife and I were blessed with an amazing baby girl. Unfortunately sleep deprivation and the demands of a 60-hour work week proved to be exhausting.

I came to Andy feeling over-whelmed, burnt-out and anxious about the future direction of my life. Andy listened to all my concerns patiently and with a genuine empathy. There sheer act of being able to open up to someone without fear of judgement in itself proved to be highly beneficial.

Andy’s approach to helping you develop solutions to any challenges you are facing is truly unique. He was able to help provide simple, clear structured plans for each of the key areas of my life.

I left the meeting feeling unburdened and inspired to move forward. I had tangible plans which I could easily apply the moment I left Andy’s house. The plans have helped to improve my work life balance, productivity at work and health.

I cannot recommend this coaching session with Andy enough. I still have lots of work to do to achieve the goals that I have set, however the structures that are now in place have made the process both achievable and highly enjoyable.
(emphasis by Amit)

Amit D

Consultant Anaesthetist

I recently had the privilege of spending a day with Andy. We discussed large range of subjects including business, health, parenting, personal development, travel, cryptocurrencies and removing obstacles to success.

I was at ease the whole time and it really was just two friends enjoying conversation, lunch and coffee in a very relaxed setting. This is one of the unique things about Andy. He is an extraordinary man who has the answers to any questions you may care to ask but he is also an ordinary man who is so easy to relate to.

When you take up this opportunity be prepared for Andy to over deliver. He always does. My intention for the day was to get a clear path for the growth of my business and to find what I was missing. Andy clearly and succinctly answered these and several times asked me if I had further questions.

Oddly enough one of the biggest benefits of the day actually occurred the next day when I got the answer to a question I didn't even realize I needed. This answer will forever shape how I approach life from now on and will have an incalculable value on my life.

Having experienced the benefits of this day I will almost certainly be taking advantage of the opportunity to do it again in the future. If you desire breakthrough results the this is the way to get them.

Chris Dagg

Business Owner

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I have special dietary needs do the pubs cater for that?

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It's down to you as to what you get from your day...
What is important to you?

  • Learn how to achieve more & do less
  • Remove limiting beliefs so you feel & become inspired
  • Remove negativity & feel positive
  • Expose thoughts & feelings of insecurity & learn how to let them go
  • Expose thoughts of lack & learn how to easily let them go
  • Expose your fears, and watch them fall away leaving you confident
  • Expose your overwhelm and feel relaxed instead
  • Solve resentment, anger, grief issues easily
  • Avoid making a bad decision and feel confident of your decision instead
  • Avoid stress & frustration and feel cool, calm & collected instead 


  • You will almost certainly experience this being the single very best investment you will ever make!

Would you like to spend a day with the person the mentors go to when they get stuck?

...And enjoy a relaxing lunch in one of Andy's local Sussex Pubs?