A Bug Free Mind

How To Design Your Life Using
Laser-Focused Manifesting

It's true... You do actually have magical powers... But there is a catch...

You must discover how to use them on purpose, rather than using them as most do, by accident!

My Life Design course will teach you simple and easy techniques that you will experience the effects of almost instantly.

Life Designing this way gives you a simple, step-by-step system to follow, which you will FEEL and SEE, real-world, life-changing results from.

Whether it's Money, Love, Promotion, Freedom, Success, Happiness, Peace, Fulfilment, Confidence or something else you desire...

Getting your desire to actually happen can be simplified to a skillset, which my Life Design course will teach you.

And it is a skillset you can easily learn because it is natural to you!

The Secret Isn't Just Hoping You Can Manifest... The Secret Lies In Laser-Focusing Your Manifesting!

Andy Shaw creator of A Bug Free Mind

I know exactly how frustrating it is to have finally set goals, and focused on the law of attraction and then after summoning the mental energy required to then get either no results at all or just temporary ones...

I also know how frustrating it is to have read and listened to training for hours and hours to not get the benefit that I was sold, and feel it was my fault for not getting it. That there was something I was doing that was causing my failure in some way.

Be honest with yourself, when you look at your results, do you get the things you want? Do you have the life you want? 

Have all the hours you've spent thinking about getting your ideal life... The hours you've spent learning how to think positively... The hours of pain you've experienced when you tried to think positively... And the hours you've spent learning about the law of attraction... Have all those hours paid off for you yet?

Or are you becoming more and more doubtful about whether or not you are capable of what all those books and courses tell you that you are? Do you even think manifesting and the law of attraction are even real now?

After all, has your experience told you none of it's real? ...Yet you see examples of other people saying they've got it to work... Do you doubt this is even possible, and therefore do you feel this would be you just getting your hopes up again, only to shortly after have them doused?

So are you trapped on the fence of wanting it to be real, but reality teaching you the opposite?

If you love the idea of manifesting and the law of attraction but are fed up with it not being as easy as the 'experts' say it is, then you're not alone... And the good news is: it's not your fault that you've struggled with this. 

Have you been frustrated with slow results in the goals you've set?

Do you believe some people can make manifesting work, but you doubt you can?

Are you fed up of the pain and let down when despite all your efforts, you get nothing for putting your faith in yet another teachers guidance? But you still want it to work?

You’re in luck, because my Life Design Course was created to solve these exact problems. With it, you will:

Discover where you were going wrong applying what you were taught... And you will feel and know you can now do this!

Finally see and feel your dreams coming into your and everyone else's reality.

Learn why manifesting the life and the things you want to have is a matter of remembering how, not learning how...

New Breakthrough In Manifesting

My Life Design system is a new breakthrough in manifesting, however, I've been using it for over 30 years!

I first created this full designing technique in 1988 when I was just 21 years old in a moment of pure inspiration...

...One day I concluded that just bumping into girls and expecting to find the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with was ‘a pretty dumb idea’, and that there had to be ‘a better way’.

So I sat down and created a design for the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. What she looked like, where she lived, how her parents were married, that she'd laugh at my jokes...There were about 180 details I designed in this person... 

As I was designing she felt so real that I thought she needed a name, so I decided her name was Alison, my favourite girls name! Yes I gave this imaginary person a name!

So how long did it take for my design to manifest into reality? ...Well in a little under 24 hours I saw her for the first time. 

However, it took me about six weeks to overcome my doubts that I could've manifested her that quickly... 

Fortunately I overcame my conscious minds doubts and trusted my subconscious minds ability and so asked her out. We have been together ever since. 

Alison and I at our favourite cliff top bar

...And yes, her name was Alison! - If that isn't Laser-Focused then I don't know what is!

I’ve since used this technique to create the impossible numerous times. In truth I have to actually prevent the use of it now as my mind just keeps creating more and more, and it can become a little overwhelming...

Which means I experience on a daily basis the truth in the Marianne Williamson quote, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

I've used this Laser-Focused Life Design technique to design then create... 

  • Cars that were never made!
  • Health solutions that were not possible!
  • Experts to work with, who wouldn't look twice at me...
  • Meetings with famous people, they've even called me...
  • A CEO for one of my companies...
  • Multi-millions twice...
  • Solutions to unsolvable problems...
  • A wonderful relationship with my children...
  • Numerous amazing holidays...
  • An amazing life!

In fact travelling around the world teaching this exact course was actually one of my designs too… Plus many, many more things!

Whatever I desire… I design with my mind… I accomplish this by achieving the correct state of mind for it to happen… Then it just happens… Not everything comes straight away like it did with my wife. Things can take days, weeks, months, years… But whatever I desire comes in the end.

People think I’m lucky, no I just know how to design my life to get what I desire to come from it. However, that's just me...

My students have used this Laser-Focused Life Design technique to...

  • Get more customers...
  • Get a promotion…
  • Get a pay rise...
  • Find their perfect partner...
  • Get relief from medical issues...
  • Get the car of their dreams...
  • Get a boat...
  • Have amazing holidays...
  • Meet Brad Pitt...
  • Get awards in their career...
  • Work with a certain Director...
  • Meet Kanye West...
  • Get their own multi-million business...
  • Get the home of their dreams...
  • Catch more fish...
  • Catch bigger fish...

To name but a few!

Follow my proprietary Laser-Focused Life Design system and you’ll quickly discover that this technique involves less studying, less time, less effort, and much, much less 'trying to do it' than every other system, program or course you’ve tried.

Where other courses on Goal-Setting or The Law of Attraction give you a load of woo-woo fluff, my Life Design course cuts straight through and delivers pure cutting edge quality.

While other's struggle to explain how to make manifesting actually work, it is easy for me to teach it to you, because of how I teach it, and frankly how exceptional my Life Design technique is. 

Why Now is the Right Time to Master Your Natural Ability to Manifest Your Desires

You have the life before becoming a master at manifesting, and the life you have after... They are worlds apart and deliver a very different experience of life.

Using your mind to create and your body to collect is how we are naturally designed to do things. This has been forgotten over time, and through poor quality education. Attempting to create using your bodies strength alone will result in failure. Your mind needs to do the heavy lifting... Lifting which it can easily do!

This is the easy way to getting all you desire and more from life... There is no better time than now to learn how to make your journey through life both easier and much more rewarding... And there is no better time than now to begin. 

New Breakthrough in Enhancing Your Quality of Life

In 2012 I was working one-on-one with a student and he was struggling to find an ideal partner...

I taught him this Life Design technique and within days he had created a design with 184 laser-focused details on it. Only a few days later he met someone and she had 181 of those details... Undeterred he went on and found he was creating woman after woman who fitted his design almost perfectly. He decided he was too young to settle down now he'd found his new ability.

It was him who said I should teach this technique, and why you find it available here... I realised that teaching it in writing was almost impossible, so it had to be taught live to get the message across without it taking hundreds of pages to answer what I could answer with an expression.

So in 2013, I ran the first of these courses live. Then the following year I went around the world teaching it, and I recorded the very last seminar I did so that you got the very best delivery of the technique and material.

Which means you have the exact same course I taught, except you don't have to leave your home to learn it.

The idea of the course is to show you how, and have you experience exactly how to do this with anything. As you will see and feel in the course, this is not hard, it is not work, it is fun, and it is easy to do... 

It'll also give you some awesome motivation (even though I say so myself) to actually go and do it. 

Which means you'll gain real-world results, and you'll do so with a tiny fraction of the effort, and none of the hope or desperation feeling most have when using the law of attraction to manifest.

Plus you also get to fully experience how it feels to have what you desire before you have it show up in your reality... This is essential as you will learn exactly how to accurately communicate with your subconscious mind in a laser-focused way.

You will discover and see how much more you can accomplish when you have your subconscious mind working as your diligent servant, rather than expanding massive effort in the way nearly every person does. 

Plus you will also find that your life gets easier and simpler too… All of which you will experience in the 4-5 hours training you will get access to! - (If you doubt this, then please read the comments below that people have left inside the course)

What Everyone Wants to Know About Laser-Focused Manifesting

Once you learn how to ACTUALLY do this... Not only will you see physical real-world results...

But you will also get all these hidden benefits too... Increases in your confidence, self-esteem, enthusiasm, serenity, gratitude, satisfaction, contentment, inspiration and enjoyment.

...And an increase in your luck!

You will find that you are already manifesting all the time by accident... But now you will be able to manifest what you desire on purpose too.

Here's Just A Few Messages Left By Students Inside The Laser-Focused Life Design Course

I can't adequately express my gratitude for this process in general, and these videos in particular. They are both powerful and empowering.

For those who think they can do this "later", do yourself a favor and dive into this pool of wisdom.

Jim L

Thank you for these videos, they are priceless. I kept feeling that I was missing something in the whole design process. Well, it turns out I was missing a whole lot of things and that came out from the watching the videos for the first time. These videos have added immense value to the books and watching you teach "live" has made the world of difference to me.

Karen T

These design videos are incredible! I just finished Video 4 and the emotional cost and gain of not doing or doing your designs just about blew my brains out!!

Carrie S

You have truly Found the perfect way to explain how to get going! Where others fail you some how pinpoint the essence of how to use the law of "attraction".  I have already achieved lots of stuff.  Thanks for this fantastic manual for dummies, may the force be with you.

John T

Incredible, the best training in the personal development I have ever experienced (and I have experienced a lot!). I feel motivated and excited to begin designing my life from this day forward. I have clarity, presence and a feeling of completion.

Tracy R

The stuff I learned on this course is second to none but I warn anyone that when you go through the process your ego will pull out all the stops to keep you away from doing what you need to. Follow the instructions that Andy tells you and if you don't understand something, rewatch until you do. Don't skip sections.

Listen to Andy's manifestations of His wife, car etc. and just think how unlikely that is. It's simply mind boggling stuff.

Dan B

It's amazing I have done a few designs and its listening all over again like the books you pick up a little something that sparks the special something, how to deal with any doubts and design and expose them. Just amazing.

Catherine K

Wow having watched all. vids3-5 today. having done the exercises. I feel empowered!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and then some. I have constantly been told to goal set, did not do, thought about it, but I could not connect with it. This now is actually ALL I desire to do

Jennifer A

Your work has opened me up to some many more possibilities, I really do feel like the ‘bugs’ that have been blocking the flow have slowly been dissolved. Thank you Andy for sharing all your wisdom and insights.

Mic M

Ohhhhhh how I'm loving this! And I'm only 35 minutes through the first video. THANK YOU Andy!

Bob D

Wow I'm blown away!!! These videos are amazing. It is true that you cannot really put some of this stuff into the book. It's just easier to hear and see it. The exercises that you gave us to do are brilliant and I learnt so much.I have read both of your books 4x and have just recently purchased these videos. I would really recommend that people buy all of these materials as they compliment each other. Something just clicked for me. It's like all the puzzle pieces fell into place after having watched these videos. 

Designing is fun and easy to do. It took me a while to get there, but having watched these videos it became apparently clear what I had to lose from not doing it and how easy and how much joy I get from doing it.

Nicky F

These are indeed priceless.

Tina C

This is pure gold.

Stephanie C

I have just now finished watching this AMAZING videos for the first time. You are truly my life saviour, Andy.

Gianpiero P

Even though I went to a LDG last year I am amazed at how valuable it has been to go over it again. It seems much clearer with further revision. When I did the LDG it was almost like "too much information" or at least the ego was telling me that. Now, it's almost as if it has all slowed down and seems so much simpler and more obvious. Thanks Andy, this is epic stuff

Chris D

I have just listened Life designing video one, it is mind-blowing. I will listen it again tonight and make the exercises. Now I have a glimpse of how powerful it is, I will continue the course at the rhythm and tempo of the course. I am 100% committed. Thanks very much.

Yves A

This is not the first course I have taken on goal setting, however it is the first one that I am 100% engaged in. In the past my ego/nutter has done exactly what Andy warns of, it convinces me that I'll do it later, it too hard, I don't have time for all that garbage..... 

I'm finding that engaging my emotions as part of the process, being allowed to choose based on good vs. bad has opened up my ability to evaluate and stay present. 

Tracy R

Superb, you are A learned guru (even if the term guru seems cliched today, the word itself is infused with light) - Andy. love it, thanks!


This has been amazing, and so down to earth and to the point. It brings together so much that genuinely cuts through “problems” to offer a workable solution. A huge YES from me, that will be getting even larger as the lessons become part of my life.

Neil F

The training has been very valuable to me and how I live and think. I am very grateful to you and how my life has changed since I started the training

Percy P

Don't like to read?

Then watch this video... This video was taken at the very first Life Design Seminar I gave... The course you'll get was a recording of the last seminar I did and I was much better then.

Please understand, all those testimonials were just a taste. There are stacks more in the course too. 

Get The Laser-Focused Life Design Course Today And You Will Discover... 

How to Laser-Focus Your Manifesting!

How to design getting your dream job, or getting a pay rise...

How to design easy things like dream cars and dream holidays...

How to design impossible things, and feel their reality! - (Once you can create the impossible, the possible becomes inevitable)

How to create your perfect partner, or find your perfect employee...

How to improve all your relationships...

How much money you are going to waste in your life if you do not use the skill of designing, and how much it has cost you already… (If this doesn’t motivate you… Nothing will!)

How manifesting the life you want is a matter of remembering how, not learning how...

How to detach perfectly from your outcome so that you get out of your own way and allow your dream to happen...

How you are creating your reality, right now and at every moment...

Why goal-setting doesn’t work and why laser-focused life designing does...


You will almost certainly experience this being the single very best investment you will ever make!

Get My Laser-Focused Life Design Course Today & You Will Receive: 

The whole one-day course – 4 videos (approximately 7 hours education). The Question & Answer session and the Workbook to download.

The Perfect Partner Design and the Financial Freedom Design created by me. 

How to design getting your favourite car, the trip of a lifetime and an IMPOSSIBLE design – and have them all happen in your mind!

To ask questions and have me and other students offer solutions.

Two 2-hour Q and A webinar recordings I did answering stacks of student questions!

Access to any future Q and A webinars I do.

Lifetime Updates to the course.

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