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Dominate the Personal Development Sector" 

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ABFM 2019 - May 6th - 12th


A Unique Event for Business Leaders Like You...

The A Bug Free Mind Las Vegas Mastermind is unlike any other event you’ll find.

We bring together the most successful business leaders, decision makers and respected experts in the Personal Development space and the industries that support them, including investment companies, media, PR and marketing.

For 7 days and nights attendees give, share, strategise, joint venture, network freely and have a massive amount of fun!

As a result, business relationships and close friendships are created that extend far beyond the event itself.

Attendance is by invitation only and the event is STRICTLY limited to 120 attendees,
making it THE most sought after invitation.

Jack, Canfield, Lynn Rose and Matthew Toman at a Mastermind Dinner

Pink Floyd saxophonist and entrepreneur, Scott Page on stage during the Mastermind

Paul Hoffman, Glen Ledwell and Mike Hill hanging out at the MEGA Welcome Party

Jennifer Hammond, Talia Jaqueline and Ashley Preciado at the MEGA Welcome Party

Lynn Rose and Michelle Filsaime on the Lake Las Vegas Boat Cruise.

Kayla Stevenson, Michael Stevenson and Amanda Dake, at Top Golf

Admission includes all networking dinners, receptions, parties and activities as well as 3 full days of highly valuable content during the NO PITCHING presentations by industry leaders and renowned guest speakers.

There’s also the option for you to participate in round table discussions hosted by experts in their field. These focus on areas of specialist knowledge to help you take YOUR business to the next level.

Plus, there are no “restricted”, “private” or “VIP” areas…once you’re in, you’re in!

Everyone relaxes and drops their guard and YOU get unrestricted access and influence for the entire event.

For all these reasons the A Bug Free Mind Las Vegas Mastermind is recognized as one of the most valuable and prestigious events in the industry.

Brian Tracy speaking at ABFM 2016

Ajit Nawalkha speaking at ABFM 2018

Ken Courtright speaking at ABFM 2018

Jack Canfield speaking at ABFM 2017

Les Brown speaking at ABFM 2018

Jay Shetty speaking at ABFM 2018

If this feels like the event YOU should be attending, sponsoring, or speaking at, register your interest today and let's talk.

Here's A Taste Of What You Could Be Experiencing...

Here's just a small sample of what you could experience when you join us at the ABFM Las Vegas Mastermind.

MEGA Welcome Party

3 Days Masterminding

Lake Las Vegas Boat Cruise

VIP Networking Dinners

Ghost Bar Roof Top Party

Evening Fun at Top Golf

Go Karting Grand Prix

Farewell Mansion Party

If this looks like the event YOU should be attending, sponsoring, or speaking at, register your interest today and let's talk.

What Others Are Saying About ABFM...

See what past attendees, sponsors and speakers have to say about the ABFM Las Vegas Mastermind and decide whether this is an event you will be able to add value to as well as benefit from.

"...some of the most positive and future focused people that I’ve ever met..."

Brian Tracy

Guest Speaker at ABFM 2016

"...there is a lot of expertise here in the room...way more skilled than I am..."

Rev. Michael Beckwith

Guest Speaker at ABFM 2015

"...we honestly get more business out of this than some of the other bigger shows we attend and sponsor just because of the level of networking here..."

Thomas McMahon

Thomas McMahon

"...this has been one of the most fantastic events I've ever attended...this group is all successful business owners making it happen..."

Ryan Ellefsen

Platinum Payment Systems

...you come in and meet friends and those friends become partners, become family...you're surrounded by connectors...by people who want to add value to others..."

Carlos Siquiera

Expert Advisor Alliance

"...they're really focused in on creating an experience that empowers people, transforms people, and really enlightens people...no matter where you are, drop what you're doing and come to it..."

Paul Hoffman

Sculpting Your Life

If this sounds like the event YOU should be attending, sponsoring, or speaking at, register your interest today and let's talk.

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