A Bug Free Mind

Is Your Environment Stifling Your Growth?

Right Now Your Potential Success & Happiness Is Limited To The Average of The People You Associate With Most...


Who Are You Associating With?

How Successful & Happy Are They?

Is it Time To Raise 'The Success Level' of Your Peer Group?

So is your growth being held back by your environment?

Well think about this...

If your environment was filled with like-minded people who are all striving to succeed in their life were there to help you when you needed it...

Do you think the experience of those sort of people would help you grow?

Would you grow as a result of that environment? ...Sure, who wouldn't!

But is it true? Is your success and happiness limited to the average of the people you are associating with?

Did you know a Koi Fish has got everything to do with your success?


Because a Koi fish grows in proportion to its environment.

If you keep it in a pail of water, it grows to be only a few inches long.

But if you let it loose in the wild it can grow up to 3 feet! That's a 10x increase in its growth!

My question to you is: Are you like the Koi fish who has been kept in a pail?

...Is your environment stifling your growth?

Or are you taking massive action, hanging around people that have gone where you'd love to go... The sort of people who will encourage you to 'play up a level'?

If not, then I would like to offer you an opportunity to transform your environment...

Without you having to lose any of your friends...

Without you having to fly all over the world...

And yet still become a part of a REAL Mastermind Community that can dramatically change your life for the better quickly and forever!

… But only if you are the right sort of person...

Because before I start telling you about what A Bug Free World can do for your life today, there are legitimate-reasons why you might NOT choose to join our Mastermind Community – Or to even read further…

Are you frustrated with nobody around you taking your dreams of the future seriously?

Do you know if you had the right people supporting you, that it would be much easier to get where you'd love to go?

Are you fed up of not getting far enough, when you know you are destined for so much more?

You’re in luck, because our A Bug Free World Mastermind Community was created to solve these exact problems. With it, you will:

Have an abundance of people from all over the world, from all walks of life, ready to take your dreams of the future seriously.

Finally see it is going to be easy for you to get where you'd love to go with the support of the right people.

Make progress, then more progress, then more progress... You are destined for so much more, you just need the support of people who know you are.

Andy Shaw creator of A Bug Free Mind

The A Bug Free World Mastermind Community is not for anyone who is:

Primarily a 'taker' and rarely a 'giver'...

If you're someone who doesn't like to positively contribute. If you have absolutely no desire to help others grow and if you derive little to no personal satisfaction from ever doing so... Then it's highly likely that A Bug Free World is probably not going to be a good fit for you.

If you're someone who detests receiving genuinely corrective, high-quality, heart-felt advice from others. Or if you cannot handle feedback from people on the same journey to creating their dream lives as you are … Then A Bug Free World may not be for you.

If you're a 'whiner' and 'complainer' and are likely to introduce negative-energy into A Bug Free World. Then you are not welcome. Constructive criticism is always welcome, negativity is not. (Plus if you are negative then it's more than likely you really need to read A Bug Free Mind right now to eliminate the ego's control over your mind.)

Because you at least need to be aware of the need regain control in order to benefit from what you'll learn during your time in the Mastermind Community.

Also and very importantly...

If you're not able to maintain confidentiality, if you have an undying urge you cannot control to tell stories about other people on social media, then A Bug Free World is definitely not for you.

This is a closed Mastermind Community where we keep private information private and don’t steal opportunities from others. People discuss confidential matters in the mastermind and everyone needs to be confident their information will be kept safe.

… So, providing you meet those requirements, then A Bug Free World Mastermind Community could very well be one of the best moves you've ever made. Especially if you're currently studying A Bug Free Mind – or plan to do so soon!

But first, let me ask you this sincerely heartfelt question...

Do you ever feel like you're the odd one out… Even when you're around close friends & family?

Are you interested in...

  • ...Success?
  • In business?
  • In investing?
  • In bettering yourself?
  • In having an amazing life?
  • In making your dreams come true?
  • In moving your life forward from where you are now?

Yet, when you try and communicate your ideas and your enthusiasm to your friends, family and colleagues... Do you often feel ignored?

Does it ever frustrate you when you see friends and family members making the same mistakes over and over, and yet then when you attempt to set them straight... It's like you're talking to the wall?

… Yes?

Well, you're not alone... Because perhaps like a lot of new A Bug Free World members, you're beginning to realise that it's impossible (even with the best will in the world) to talk to a pigeon and make it transform into an eagle. It just doesn't happen.

What I mean by that is; people rarely change (unless they really want to) and perhaps it's time you started communicating with people who are on the same journey as you... And have similar desires and intentions.

Let me ask you: If you were to take stock of the people you hang around with at work, and in your spare time, and even at work or seminars, and ask yourself…

Are they helping or hindering me from reaching my goals?

Should I be masterminding with others who share the same ambition as me?

You see, I currently spend over $50k per year attending networking and mastermind type events all over the world and they provide me with the single biggest return on investment out of everything I do.

Sure, it’s a road less travelled, but that has made all the difference. As the saying goes... If you want to soar with eagles, you can’t hang around turkeys.

This is the reason why I spend fortunes travelling around. To find and collect relationships with eagles! But the big benefit to you is, you don't have to spend $50,000 to meet so many great people from all over the world, because there are nearly 10,000 of us inside A Bug Free World.

You see, for better or worse, we become more like the people we hang around. Our behaviour, speech, manners, dialect, interests, outlook, motivation level and inspiration are all influenced by those in our environment.

Most people know this:

We accept that we are swayed by our peers and consciously and subconsciously affected by them.

But most of us have never asked ourselves...

Since my friends are going to influence me either way, why not pick the friends who will be a positive influence on me instead?

​​A story that really demonstrates; this was one I heard a while ago about a middle aged American man who visited a prison in Texas. He had the chance to guest-teach a class in a progressive rehabilitation program.

He said:

    "When I was there.. I taught, but mostly I listened. As the guys told me their stories, their reasons for being in prison, I noticed a common thread. They had been affected by their community, by the people they hung out with.

Almost all problems and successes in life boil down to relationships. These guys had gotten themselves into relationships that led to trouble. Either they had joined gangs or hung out with drug addicts or met girls who took them down a bad path. 

The reason they were in prison was because their friends, in a way, put them there. I’m not saying they weren’t responsible for their own actions, because they were, but I am saying that taking responsibility for their lives should have started a long time before they committed their crimes.

It should have started when they chose to get involved with the friends they got involved with. We become like the people we hang out with. This isn’t me being judgmental, this is actually what they told me."

The Moral Of The Story Being:

If you’re screwing up your life, it might be because you are hanging out with the wrong people.

And this why for some people joining a forward thinking mastermind community like A Bug Free World can completely change the direction of their life. Why? Because the site is filled with people you have something in common with.

You see, we are all basically the same. We are all in pursuit of happiness. Yes, we've all got different backgrounds, skills, professions, education, faiths, races, hair colour, eye colour, etc etc... And we've all got our own unique stories. But... When all is said and done, we're all striving for the same thing ...To be happy!

Now, as well as being A Bug Free World Mastermind Community with an unparalleled reach and power to help you create success in your life, there are also 9 More Key Elements You Get From A Bug Free World … and I'll explain them to you now...

1. You'll get automatically placed in a success environment

~ It takes great power of thought to think riches when surrounded by poverty ~ Wallace D Wattles

One of the biggest barriers to success is quite often the people you hang around with. They laugh at your crazy dreams and say you're wasting time… So don’t tell those people who won’t help you… Tell those people who will…Birds of a feather flock together.

There is a BIG advantage when stepping out on the journey to success; in going with people you don’t know but desire the same thing. It's like being given permission to be who you want to be... Not who everyone you know expects you to be. (Big Difference!)

During the time you spend in A Bug Free World, you'll be associating with people who want success. The shape and size of their success may be completely different to yours, but they are looking for the same thing you are. To actively pursue their own happiness.

What A Bug Free World does is provide you with a virtual world where the environment is filled with rich thought and people always thinking, or attempting to think, with the principles laid down in A Bug Free Mind

Now don’t go thinking all 'culty' or anything negative like that. As you’ll know from reading A Bug Free Mind I only take the useful positive elements from personal development and let go of anything which does not help success. A Bug Free World environment is designed to cultivate your success mindset. It is an environment which allows people freedom to interact publicly without the fear of belittlement.

The insight and information you are going to extract from this is nothing short of amazing… But the most amazing things are yet to be created as new thoughts and ways to think are created as time passes. So sure there is a stack of historic info, but new insights are being uncovered all of the time, thanks to the wonderful mastermind principle.

2. You'll get to apply the full force of the mastermind principle

As Napoleon Hill coined decades ago...

Two heads are better than one, or when we're talking about A Bug Free World... It's a case of hundreds of minds all aligning at once to achieving their goals, that are better than one!

Because when you share your designs with the other super active minds in A Bug Free World, you get solutions to problems you didn't even consider … You pick up connections to service providers you didn't even think you of contacting.... It really is an exhilarating experience.

Each day, bit by bit, you'll be moving steadily towards the creation of your goals in life, automatically harnessing the mastermind principles just by typing a few words on your keyboard.

3. You'll get to continually tweak & tune your bug free mind

By dipping in daily, or twice daily, or just a few times a week... and by writing a journal or blog post, asking a question saying what you considered today… All of these small tiny seemingly insignificant steps are working to keep your mind tuned in to your natural success mindset.

They are using the power of erosion in exactly the same way your ego does, except it is eroding the bad and not eroding the good. Tweaking and tuning your success engine, ‘your mind’, and cultivating your success with continued small doses of applied thought over a sustained period of time, produce an immense result.

The Mastermind Community helps to overcome probably the biggest problem in self-growth, which is... Your mind is not static. Just because you learn something and know it, it does not mean you are living to it. And living to it is all that counts.

A Bug Free World isn’t really about one year thinking. It is about life-thinking. It is the service station for your mind to keep your success engine at peak performance!

4. You'll get totally immersed in the process of your success

The biggest obstacle to your success is your unconscious self-sabotage. If you doubt this exists, then try to watch a TV program for 60 minutes and remain present. The TV will hypnotise you and you will be unconscious. The question is when will your unconscious period end?

... And how much damage will you do to your self image while you are unconscious! Your work to remain Bug Free is to become predominantly conscious, and spending time on the site aids this dramatically.

The waking sleep of the human race is what I call the unconsciousness of everyone in the world. The way to avoid slipping into this sleep is immersing yourself in what you desire and remaining there until you can protect yourself from the waking sleep.

Making things stick – Learning something is an illusion, it is a trick, it is a con. It fools smart people, including you, into thinking you’ve learnt it.

But until it has stuck, until it is absorbed into you and has become your default thought and action, then you haven’t ‘learnt’ it. Instead you are still learning it.

...And if you are not studying it, then you are not even doing that – You must create a new habit to really learn and retain it. A Bug Free World is a platform to create this new habit and continue the learning process until each point is truly learnt.

… Then there is no better way of mastering a subject so you attain the 'living to it' level, than to spend time in a community of people who are on the same journey as you but are at different points.

You will start off behind and being helped by many... But you will grow, you will make progress, you will help others... And in turn your rate of success will accelerate as ultimately: The more you help, the more you will master, as teaching is the highest form of learning there is.

So in the Mastermind Community, you are the student and the teacher... This is the hidden power A Bug Free World gives you...

5. You'll Get Continuous & Never Ending Improvement In Your Life

If you learn my Bug Free information (from my books or audios) and you only superficially learn it to a level where you can talk about it, you could actually be self sabotaging your future.

Why? Because The Bug Free information really is the top stuff out there... no hype intended.

So if you don’t get to become successful from that, and worse, if you only attain an intellectual level of understanding… Then you have killed your chances of success, as you will ‘believe’ that you know the Bug Free Mind stuff, but you won’t.

A Bug Free World protects you from that happening, because when you absorb the information through the books or audios, and then move on to the website and begin asking questions... teaching other people, etc...

… You'll be unconsciously cementing the lessons into your mind to a point where you know the A Bug Free Mind Process... and I mean know it... to a point where you live it without thought!

For example... The other day I was laying in my bed. I thought I'd do the 'No Mind' exercise. So I laid there and I was waiting for a thought to appear... and I realised that there were no thoughts... Which was quite strange.

… So I waited and waited... and waited some more... it took me 5 minutes to get a thought to appear!!!

I had to struggle to get a thought as my mind had become so still because of the constant practise and use of A Bug Free World over the last few years.

You see... this is what Lao Tzu meant in his very misunderstood quote:

"In the study of the Way, everyday something is dropped. Less and less do you need to force things until you finally arrive at the place of non-action. Where nothing is done and nothing is left undone."

Lao Tzu wasn't saying in that quote that you shouldn't do anything or that you should be lazy. Rather what he was referring to was that when you really learn something (not just consume it, but learn to the point you no longer need to give it conscious thought.) …Then it no longer requires effort to use it, and hence becomes automatic. i.e. it gets dropped!

Taking this back to your personal development training now, and you must understand...

No mind... Visualisation... Affirmations.... They are all transitional techniques… 

They are just tactics designed for one thing, and that is to get you to the goal creating A Bug Free Mind where all those things become automatic and no longer require conscious thought.

6. You'll become fully focussed on what you want & finding out how to do what you love

One of the Single Biggest problems almost every A Bug Free Mind student has is completing the Life Design process laid down in Using A Bug Free Mind.

...And the reason why you may have problems when you get to this stage is because your ego will convince you to shortcut the time and not do it properly.

It'll tell you to 'rush' and just write down anything so you can get it finished! And this may lead to you not finding out what you truly want. But, when you spend long enough in A Bug Free World it becomes obviously compelling for you to complete the design part of the Bug Free Process and this drowns out your ego’s voice.... Because you're in an environment where everyone else is doing it too!

… As you'll know if you've read Creating A Bug Free Mind, when you have your designs, you must play with them, redraw and re-design to suit your ever changing world.
So, as you interact with other Bug Free World members you will discover new dreams and new desires. You will discover that some of your designs are not what you desire! ...And some of them you truly desire more than you ever knew.

Consider... If you would spend 20 hours planning a six week trip touring America, (or whenever you'd love to go on holiday) ...Why won't you spend 20 hours planning out your ideal life? (something hidden from you is stopping you, that's why!)

A Bug Free World allows you to spend time without effort on giving your dominant attention to becoming successful, and it will give you regular bursts of inspirational course corrections too.

7. You'll get the help you need to take action

Every personal development teacher keeps telling you to take action, take action. They are right, there really is magic in it.

But when you feel like you are trapped and don’t know which way to go because you fear you will be worse off, then it is impossible for you to act.

What A Bug Free World does is it allows you to grow at your speed but the community will encourage you to take action as not all wisdom can be gathered before you make your first move. You have to look outside to know what the weather is like. The site helps you create the possibly new habit of taking action.

Most of the problem with taking action is not knowing what action to take. A by-product of being in the site is almost without realising you will discover the step you should be working on right now. If that doesn’t show itself, then once you have given a little then why not ask for some guidance?… You’ll find plenty of people will offer help.

Life gets in the way – When you read powerful stuff you feel inspired to act. However, have you noticed how sometimes 6 months later you didn’t act and you look back and wonder… ‘Why didn’t I do something then?'

Well, it is because your life got in the way… Your old habits took over and you fell back into the waking sleep… Which means... You unconsciously self-sabotaged your success.

What A Bug Free World does is helps you to remain present and not fall back into the waking sleep… Your mind remains focused on you getting what you want until and beyond when you become successful.

And this is what you'll really need!

8. You'll get to discover your magic fuel (you will inspire yourself)

Without a success mindset, you think you need motivation. That’s not what you need, you need an environment that puts you in a place whereby eventually you find the answer from your mind that tells you what you want to do with your life. Once you have that, you will be inspired to act and you will have found your magic fuel.

A Bug Free World enables you to find what you cannot, or may not, be able to find. It stops you wasting the most precious thing you have which is your life. The time you spend there helps you cultivate your mindset to a point when you will inspire yourself.

This comes from interaction and continued applied thought over a period of time. If you are likely to unconsciously self-sabotage your success then this is what you need in your life as an insurance policy against the resurgence of your ego.

Inspiration is fickle, once you know what you want it is easy. But successful people cultivate ways to inspire themselves without knowing they do. What A Bug Free World does is provide you with the environment to cultivate your thoughts which will lead to you finding your inspiration and develop your own internal inspiration-cultivation methods.

9. You'll get non-stop 'Pattern Interrupts' to keep you awake

It's shocking but true... 90%+ of your thoughts you're having now were the same as yesterday – If you don’t change and do something different then your old thought habits will easily overwhelm any new good thoughts – so you have to interrupt their patterns.

And the way you interrupt their patterns is by new conscious thinking… Not new learning, but by questioning what you’ve already learnt so that you improve your understanding of it. This happens automatically when you answer other members' questions, or you give your opinion on something.

A Bug Free World is your pattern interrupt, your mind gymnasium. You’ll read A Bug Free Mind and have the most amazing life transforming experience… Your world will literally change, you'll start an entirely new experience of life... But depending on how out of touch you were with your natural success mindset… When you put it down your ego will find ways to create new bugs… This is one of the key parts of what A Bug Free World is about, spotting your ego’s new subterfuge techniques and dissolving them.

You see, A Bug Free World works like your holidays in life…

You probably can’t remember what you did 3 weeks ago, but you can remember your holidays… CLEARLY!

Why? It's because your holidays are a pattern interrupt… The benefit of A Bug Free World is that it gets you to a state of being predominantly present and then allows you to continually cultivate your mind with regular pattern interrupts until you reach the point of you defaulting to predominantly present instead of predominantly unconscious.

Therefore to avoid the waking sleep you must regularly interrupt your pattern so that you remain predominantly conscious.

What Members of the A Bug Free World Mastermind Community Think About Our Community... 

A while back when there were just 3,000 members I asked them to give you their opinions on what A Bug Free World is like...

They go into a little depth, but if you think this is what you may have been looking for, then these testimonials taken from within the site will give you a stack of reassurance:

As I was engaging Andy's books, audio programs and videos I realized they truly provide the operating manual we have always longed to have for success and fulfilment in life. I did not only believe this - I KNEW it because it spoke directly my core. If you have started to read you may relate to this.

Well as I read I also came face to face with old concepts - viruses - that have been the primary blocks to my success in life. By themselves the books, audio and videos are certainly enough. I knew they provided every thing I would need to succeed in life. That said, I had questions, I wanted to find a caring context to share my concerns. I wanted to find out how I could more quickly and directly apply what you are learning in my business and in my life? Again, I realized I could figure this out over time but I asked myself "why delay things when there was an online community to support me." Also, I really love helping people and I saw Bug Free World as an opportunity to give back. I realized the truth of "you teach what you most want to learn." So I joined the Bug Free World and it has been a God send!

I have been so impressed by the quality of conversations that go on there. It is a place where people get it and share in my commitment to give back. I have been uplifted on those days I ran into doubt, I have made new friends, and most of all I have gotten some amazing advice that has paid dividends in so many ways. My business is growing in ways I never expected, I am in an amazing relationship and I am letting go of more stuff every day that no longer serves me. I am lighter and freer. Now I don't know if I can point to the books, the audio or the community as the reasons for that. To me it is complete package and the value of joining this community is priceless. If the books speak to you as they did me - do not hesitate to join Bug Free World. You will not regret it! Come join the conversation and hear about what others are doing to conscious design a life that matters!

David Craig Utts
ABFW Member

For me A Bug Free World is the place you come to to meet up with friends, make new ones in the same space as you, and importantly, get that support that we all need from time to to when things are not going according to the designs we have made and we are not sure why. But for me, the absolute best bit ever is being able to help others. I did this before I started the Bug Free Mind process, but now I am able to do that here and on the site that you told me I should start, www.alastairslade.com, and what a privilege it is to be doing that. Thank you Andy Shaw and A Bug Free World!

Alastair Slade
ABFW Member

The books are great, as is the SMS video course, but without ongoing inspiration it can seem like a lonely process, especially as most of my friends and colleagues are 'unconscious'. I am sure many people studying the BFM materials experience such mind shifts that they no longer feel a part of their old peer groups as they have moved on from this. The Bug Free World site allowed me to virtually meet and connect with like minded people studying 'the Way' and to share experiences, learn from and help each other along the way. It feels as though I have a whole new group of friends (some of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting in person) and when I log onto the site I always read something I really needed that day. I feel privileged to be a part of such a special bunch of people.

Stephanie Cooke
ABFW Member

The Bug Free World is a fantastic website that holds tremendous value to its' members. It is great example of Napoleon Hills' Mastermind Principle and I have found it beneficial in several ways.

(1) Inspiration. It is very inspiring to read of others progress with the BFM process. A real bonus of the site is Andy's updates on his successes, along with his frequent blogs and articles. Another plus is being able to access him via the website to ask your own questions. I would doubt this level of support exists anywhere else.

(2) Accountability. Having somewhere to post your own progress that is seen by others really helps me as it gives me accountability to move forward. It is easy to write down goals etc. on a piece of paper and "file" them away for later use, whereas using the site gives me more impetus to move forward.

(3) Clarity of thought. Writing and discussing things online improves my understanding of the process and gives me far greater clarity about where I am going. It makes me more definite rather being a bit wishy washy.

(4) Support. The level of support and encouragement on this site is exceptional. There is a complete lack of negativity and because everyone is using the same BFM process there are always helpful comments, tips and advice available from members that have experienced similar situations. I love the fact that people may have a slightly different view on the situation as that makes me look at the situation from different angles which I have found very beneficial. I am also amazed at the honesty that is displayed here, as some people have outlined past experiences. There is no judgement on this site which I think is a real strength, as it allows openness and honesty. This is great as it brings reality to the comments and allows for faster progress. It is sometimes the simplest of things that hold us back the most and being able to share those thoughts without fear of ridicule or embarrassment is a real strength of ABFW.

(5) The total package. I have read and listened to a large amount of personal development material and there often seems to be "just buy this video or book etc. etc" and so it goes on. With ABFM you find the learning style that suits YOU best, whether books, audios or videos and combine them with ABFW website and that's all you need. It's simple, great value for money and there is no need to be on sold any further materials. It's ALL here, just follow the process. I KNOW it works.

Chris Dagg

ABFW Member

The Bug Free World website is invaluable addition to the books ,audio's and video course that Andy provides in teaching the excellent and sound life principles for achieving the life you really desire. Its a place where you can express your thoughts and ideas freely and receive new concepts from other site members, thus helping you move along on the Bug Free Mind journey with greater clarity.
Since being a member on the site I have found it has helped me to make new friends from all around the world. It has allowed us to share each others experiences. The site offers a warm, friendly, non judgmental environment where new members are made to feel welcome and can join in with ongoing current discussions on the forum. Unlike other personal development sites, the fact that Andy takes a proactive role interacting with the members makes the Bug Free World unique.

James Harley
ABFW Member

Its like training for a race but with your mindset. The information on here is up to date, meaning, it is current for the situations of todays world and how to change it. I started of using the site because I knew that I had to immerse myself in this material for it to take hold of my mind and my life. It has been positive all the way, and the people are really what I would call Inspirations to this world. The site is unique because it is an in depth look at the mindset of success and the seemingly chaos in this world and what I can do about it, what we can do about it, and it Truly is a site where if followed and joined you can have the experience of There is only Perfection and more.

Ky Logan
ABFM Member

This site has been a REALLY big help to me! It's so great to be able to flesh out ideas, get everything out in the open, and learn from each other. It wasn't until I started writing here daily that I started seeing real progress, so I'm so grateful for the opportunity for that as well. It's helped me get clearer and clearer on what I want in life and how to bring it into being, as well as helping me attain the awareness of putting in consistent, daily practice to bring it into being. Thanks so much, Andy, Phil, and everybody else for all your help and support! 

Elizabeth Chen
ABFW Member

Where to start? I can honestly say that in the 12 months since joining this ABFM mastermind group I have come to know my nutter quite well. Although I am still a work in progress with much to do to clear my viruses and bugs it is clear that a light has been shone on my little friend/foe. As Andy says it is not a race to the finish and it is not a competition. I can barely go a day without reading ABFM books and each time I learn a little more and progress a little further each time.

To Andy and his mastermind group online I say a big thank you, and my gratitude for knowledge gained on mindset and thinking is enormous. After reading lots of books and watching many videos on personal development I now realise that the missing pieces are not in those books of the past. They do clean the mind of bugs and bad thinking before adding new skills and thinking as does ABFM process. Well worth the investment.

Mark Pacey
ABFM Member

A Bug Free World is an amazingly helpful resource. Not only can you ask questions about issues or any lack of particular understanding, you can also read the experiences that others have also had in the past. That provides a wealth of helpful understanding without the need to re-ask related questions. 

There are so many helpful resources accessible through the site. Andy Shaw continues to provide support through direct response to questions raised, submission of articles, videos and much more. It is unusual in this day and age to receive such honest and freely available support from the author himself; this shows not only a refreshing commitment to his work, but also to every single person that starts the A Bug Free Mind process... Commendable!

The site provides a supportive and friendly community where everyone is an equal. Each member freely gives help and advice to the others as needed. It is also great for sharing one's experiences so that others progress their personal journey in an expeditious manner. It's a welcoming, supportive and friendly environment where one can feel safe being amongst other like-minded people; who are on a similar path to success. There's no assertion, point-scoring or any other negative influence; just positive, friendly invaluable support. As I have now progressed my deeper understanding since my first involvement, I now enjoy sharing my knowledge with those who are still on their journey to master the self. This is so rewarding in of itself, I could never have dreamed the benefit this is both to me personally and to those it helps; it further allows one to re-engage, or re-tune, with the guidance given in the two A Bug Free Mind books. As time goes by, it is very easy to slip back a little, reading the posts from others reminds one of the areas where one may have lapsed and allows for re-adjustment. Not only do I thoroughly recommend joining the A Bug Free World community, I can't wait the opportunity to interact with you. I look forward to meeting you very soon.

Paul Boyer
ABFW Member

I read Andy's books and watched my life change in many ways for the better. When Andy spoke about A Bug Free World, I didn't hesitate to join and I am eternally grateful for having done so. Joining A Bug Free World gave me the opportunity to interact with and learn from a group of extraordinary people. Applying the mastermind principle to this journey in regaining my natural success mindset has been invaluable in so many ways that I know would never have been possible without. Apart from being able to re-tune my mind on a daily basis by visiting the site, it's given me the ability to keep track of my progress and to ask questions for anything I didn't fully understand or grasp by reading the books.

There are a variety of people who have opened up new perspectives that I never would have seen on my own. I've found access to the community here invaluable to my progress on this journey. I've made life long friendships with some wonderful people from around the world - for this alone I am forever indebted for the opportunity that Andy has provided. In a world of unconsciousness and despair, the community has been a light of warmth and kindness in hard times. There are tools for tracking your progress, forums for discussing a wide variety of topics and access to Andy himself to ask questions. Without joining A Bug Free World I never would have come as far as I have in attaining control of my mind and achieving my desired life. On top of this, my learning curve has been considerably shortened through participation on the website. It has been a privilege for me to be part of such a remarkable group of like minded people.

Thank you Andy for creating A Bug Free Mind and also providing access this wonderful community of successful minds :)

Alan Rellins
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A Bug Free World has delivered so much for me, more than the monetary value that I first placed on it. I became a member on my birthday in April 2013 after first purchasing the books and audio. It is the best birthday present I have ever had! I was impressed immediately with how easy it was to navigate the site and how easy it was to get support when I needed it. There is such a lot of extra stuff to read that it makes the site more inviting. Each day I visit I learn something new about myself. Everybody on the site is really friendly and welcoming. All walks of life from all over the world. Everyone on the same journey yet at different stages, All helping each other to move more toward experiencing a life that you desire by design. The site has helped me tremendously in a number of ways. For the first time in my life I have a calm demeanour, a real peace in my thoughts. My daughter, family and friends have all noticed the difference in me. My depth of personal insight is ever growing. I have become friends with people on the site who have been instrumental in my progress, and I would never have thought I would make connections like that. I am so happy and grateful I have... and I am only 9 months in and still on book one!! A Bug Free World is a welcoming ,loving and non-judgmental arena where you can safely express yourself and grow in awareness. Unique for me. If you're serious about your personal development , A Bug Free World will be a sound investment.

Seamus McCrory
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I have found much value in a bug free world. Not only from the interaction from other members and the various tools but from the drip feeding of ideas that helps us all think regularly on the bug free mind principles. Why it has helped me is because by seeing the comments of others it is helping me understand how others either align with how I think about the subjects discussed compared to others which in turn gets me to return to the books and reaffirm what they say about the subjects. This constant reviewing for me is essential for me to stay on track and a constant reminder that this stuff really works. Phil Doolan always responds fast with any requests for help which is not the norm with other sites some requests on other sites are never answered let alone dealt with.

Vince Mullowney

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I looked at several of the programs that are out there and in the end it comes down to really connecting with one of them and following through. Yes, it is still up to you and you alone can take responsibility for your life. I started using Andy's Bug Free Mind about 8 months ago and it's nothing short of amazing what has happened: I have a new job, doubled my salary, feel much healthier, communicate better with my wife, connect better with my two German shepherds, am in the process of selling the house we don't like because of the bad neighbourhood and am buying a new house in a village we always wanted to live in because of its tranquility. If this is not enough I can add that I feel that I am back in control of my life and of my mind. Well it's the other way around: I took control of my mind and the rest kind of followed. I have thanked Andy many times already, but I'll never get tired of doing it again: thanks Andy! You're the sh*t!!

Patrick Laureys
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A Bug Free World has quiet literally changed my life ~ you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink it; however, if you are looking for a life changing experience, look no further, no matter what your personal perspective is, i.e. no matter whether you are coming from a more spiritual standpoint or more you are more analytic, a veteran of self development stuff or completely new, if you are open and ready you had better be prepared because your life will change - how? ~ how ever you want it to. 

I have just realised you are talking about this site in particular and not the whole experience, so, ok, this site in particular has helped me by bringing the whole thing to life, learning from other people's real life experiences has been invaluable to me and being able to write about my own experiences and get fabulous feed back has been equally invaluable and one comment alone quiet literally changed what has been almost a life long 'habit' for me, I went from being an addict, albeit a recovering one to a non addict in one short comment!!! and being able to connect with other people who are of the same mindset, on the same journey is again, priceless and quiet honestly, I really don't think the books, videos and audios either alone or together would work so well without this site, it is so much more than an online community or a master mind group or a place to further my learning and experience, it is part of my life now, I have gained so much from it so far in terms of learning new and different skills, for example, learning to take and give critical feedback, learning to be more open, more accepting of other peoples opinions, a place where I can track my progress, be challenged, embrace the technical age and ask just about any question I want and know that I will get an honest response, there are no barriers here, we are from all around the world, all different walks of life, all different ages and we all bring something different to the table and all take something away, it's a win win win win win, you get the picture, win win situation that will last forever, it's evergreen!

Neikka T Harlingten
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The BUG FREE MIND WORLD. In March 2013 I came in contact with it and bought at first the Audio version of the books, shortly afterwards the books, followed by the SMS-Video course and finally it was topped by my participation in the SMC- seminar in June this year. Despite I was already experienced in the personal development world, I entered with ABFM a higher league where my beliefs, paradigms, anticipations, actions, visions and life goals were examined on a critical test bench. What kind of beliefs served me so far and what were hindering me on my life path. This unique combination of different tool options and subsequently my individual chosen mix of it have been like dynamite in my mind.  The Bug Free Mind World is a professional, modular coaching system on basis of a scientific proven approach to open up our mind for unlocking the hidden, unused human potential. All the material is extremely valuable and beneficial as well as highly effective for everybody since it works simultaneously with the conscious and subconscious mind which is the top-notch technology in today's neuro-search. This creates an immediate effect on our outlook towards the world, our own positioning in it with actually unlimited options of practical self empowerment in the daily life. In my case I became re-infected by the spark of creation. We all carry this spark within us but mostly it looses light and power after childhood. Everyone bears this desire deep within his heart and mind to create, to manifest, to discover, to explore, to evolve, to expand, to improve not only our own life. But as we growing older we become more and more 'reasonable' and tend to think in tight frames only and believe in fixed limitations. This program is an ultimate wake up remedy - once started, there is no way back anymore in the 'old You' - because this inner spark is then on fire again. You can feel the energy of self empowerment that comes along with it, nearly naturally without any pushing, hard trying or desperate wanting. In the opposite, this program removes strategically the mental curtains bit by bit, so that we are becoming aware and finally self-empowered to exit our self chosen mental prison. The effect is that we find and embrace again all our heartfelt dearest dreams, visions, goals and aspirations.

The Bug Free Mind World is so effective because of it's 'puzzle-part-elements' that are all funny, so humorous in the approach since they show us exactly our own mirror from different perspectives. Suddenly we are facing our personal insanity. As soon as we are able again to laugh about ourself we have gained comfort to continue our journey with ease, inner confidence and conviction.  Joyfully I have started to implement massive changes in my thought patterns, became more alert about my daily thoughts, habits, communications and subsequently also my actions. Now I know for certain, I am again back on track enfolding my best Me, my highest inner human potential.

Yes, I experience impressive results in all aspects of my life. Since my mindset has changed I became well balanced and highly solution oriented. I stopped to see problems but developed an intrigue for experiencing and welcoming adventures in my life. My coworkers say I became more centered, bold in planning, certain in goal achieving and inspirational for others. 

However, the most important thing for me is: I am absolutely happy in my life now and I am able to embrace it fully - whatever comes my way. I am absolutely aware of my capacity to design my life as per my desires. It is my self chosen journey in my own responsibility.
Yes, all the powers lay within us, the more we are able to recognise this and utilise it for the best, the better we do contribute as an example for the evolution of the minds of all people on this planet. What a motivation to do this with a Bug Free Mind World, in a growing community with like-minded people! I write this in September 2013, we are just celebrating the Oktoberfest in Munich... had a great day today with outstanding people..... Ines from Munich, Germany

Ines S
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Please understand, these are just the testimonials that came from one blog post I put up in the site... In the community there are countless more testimonials, from real people, in all walks of life, from all over the world! 

So, What's The Magic That Makes A Bug Free World Mastermind Community So Successful For It's Members?

Part of the magic of this group is that we not only talk about ways of manifesting money and business success, we also look at success as a total all-around perspective, like health, relationships and contribution to the world at large.

You see, I don’t think success can be judged by dollars and cents and/or social standing. Do you know that when the clergy ask people their feelings when they get towards the end of their life, the majority discuss family, childhood friends and experiences, meaningful relationships, rewarding careers and above all else, love.

…. They want to feel secure that they have loved deeply and were loved by their family and close friends. Nothing else in life really matters to most people.

You see... In my eyes... to be successful in life is to be kind, generous, empathetic, compassionate and loyal and most importantly.. To live life giving your truest gifts to the world on your terms. That is my opinion of a successful person.

I mean yes - on the site we discuss setting bigger goals ... Refining our designs ... Accountability, sticking to the goals you set and all kinds of subjects... More than likely, whatever problem you're facing right now, the help you need is right there in one of the discussion forums on the site... Odds are, someone else has already cleared the hurdle you face.

In A Bug Free World, we see things through a much wider lens. Sometimes a design or goal you’re about to embark on and execute is just about perfect – but one adjustment can get you far greater results, without almost no extra effort.

… Look, The Truth Is No One Does It Alone!

There is this false ideal in our society of the 'self-made' person who is able to find success through their own efforts. Now, don’t get me wrong, success does require an immense amount of determination and personal grit.

However, success also depends on the ability to connect with people who have already made it.

There was once a man named Ernest Hemingway. If you aren’t familiar with Ernest Hemingway, he was one of the greatest American writers of all time.

Even a great writer like Hemingway didn’t succeed on his own. He worked at a newspaper where his boss – a writer named Sherwood Anderson – helped him get his first novel published. Hemingway then connected with other no-name writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Virginia Woolf and James Joyce.

This community of great writers helped to influence his style, success, and drove him to write every single day and become one of the greatest authors of his generation. Hemingway is a testament to the fact that innate talent alone does not equal success.

It’s hard to keep up a strict schedule to perfect your craft or improve yourself if you don’t have people around you with similar interests. Your peers will determine the way you think, the way you act, and the way you approach your life goals.

Another great figure of history who embodied this principle was Aristotle. Aristotle was one of the greatest minds to ever grace our planet, but this was only so because he was constantly challenging himself and working to refine his talents. 

He exchanged ideas with other Greek philosophers in the 'Academy', learned from his mentor Plato, and taught a young boy named Alexander…who would later become 'Alexander the Great'.

You see: every great person was, is, or will be, successful because of the company he or she keeps. They will make an impact because of a successful network of driven peers who provide both inspiration and healthy competition.

If you want to be remarkable also, you must constantly challenge yourself and surround yourself with remarkable people.

Just think about what your goals are and take a look around you. Ask yourself...

How much would you benefit by increasing the power of your peer group? 

How much faster could it help you create your dreams?

How much more money will it help you make?

How much will it help you to live the life you've always desired?

Remember: every year that passes can never be recovered. What is the cost to you of another year wasted?

Just imagine if you spent the next 5 years visiting A Bug Free World regularly, ensuring you would become successful, and you became successful…Then what is that worth to you?

This is incredible value, what price would you put on that? I've travelled far and wide to meet the amazing people on this membership site. You don't just meet eagles by walking around your local area, you have to search for them. Luckily for you, I've done all the leg work for you.

I've collected 'the eagles' - Now you have the chance to simply log in and benefit and when you see the fee I'm asking for membership to our community, you're going to be shocked...

Considering I am offering something which is worth a fortune. If you have or are going through the Bug Free Mind Process, then search how you feel about that… As I know you’ll agree because you can see clearly where you intend to go and this just ensures the certainty of you getting it after you leave the safety of The Bug Free Mind Process…

But right now I don't even want price to be a factor for you, which is why I'm inviting you to join A Bug Free World ... Come in, set your profile up, watch what’s going on, say hello to people. Ask questions and generally get a feel for the place.

Then at anytime in the first 60 days you can simply say, no this isn’t for me, and you will get a FULL refund.

Join The A Bug Free World Mastermind Community Today And... 

You'll get automatically placed in a success environment...

You'll get to apply the full force of the mastermind principle...

You'll get to continually tweak & tune your bug free mind...

You'll get totally immersed in the process of your success...

You'll get continuous & never ending improvement in your life...

You'll become fully focussed on what you want & finding out how to do what you love...

You'll get the help you need to take action...

You'll get to discover your magic fuel... (You will inspire yourself)

You'll get non-stop 'Pattern Interrupts' to keep you awake...


You will almost certainly experience this being one of the very best investment you will ever make!

Join Our Mastermind Community Today & You Will Receive: 

24/7 Access to a mastermind community of almost 10,000 people studying the Way with A Bug Free Mind.

Access to the site tools: My Blog, My Forums, My Private Journal, My Comments, My Notes, My Favourite, My Groups. [1]

Access to all the original articles I wrote which later became the books Creating A Bug Free Mind & Using A Bug Free Mind. [2]

A customisable latest updates feed [3] - All Forums [4] - All Blogs [5]

Access to Ask Andy - Where there are over 700 questions answered. Answers by members now mainly, but I step in when clarity is needed. [6]

Access to another 100+ Articles on anything that interested me. [7]

Become Accountable: Track your progress, see your life change with The Circle of Life tool. [8]

Access to my book Mastering The Law of Attraction… And access to the Audio version too. [9]

And our bullet proof 60 day no questions asked Money-Back-Guarantee.

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Get Instant Access to The A Bug Free World Mastermind Community Today... 

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Our 100% Money Back 60 Day Guarantee

There is absolutely no risk in your decision to join our community today.

Because you have 60 days to look around, interact and decide whether A Bug Free World Mastermind Community really will bring you fantastic lasting change to your life, and accelerate your success in many areas of life.

For any reason of for no reason at all, you just let us know within 60 days from today and you’ll get a full and prompt refund – no questions asked.