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The World's First Success Guidance System For The Human Mind
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A 2 Hour In-Depth Success Mindset Interview with Andy Shaw

Yes, I want Andy's simple system for
Total Self Mastery

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This entire package is now

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Frequently asked questions:-
Q - What is the guarantee?

A -
"The Bug Free Process comes with a 60 day guarantee... I want you to take it use it and transform your life.... You've taken years to build up the mindset problems which are preventing your success so this is going to take you  while to remove the problem... And while you're doing that I want you relaxed and safe in the knowledge that if this doesn't deliver for you, then you can get your money back!"

Q - How long will the process take to complete?

A -
"You'll have more or less an instant success, within the first few hours you'll begin to change. But to complete the full process will take time, I did it in three weeks and then spent a year tuning. Most achieve it within seven weeks and then spend a long time tuning... Everyone is different and everyone has different bugs in their mind, so some will shift easily and others may take multiple listens to before you're fixed. But even if it takes you a while this is a fraction of the time it has taken until now to achieve total life & self mastery."

Q - When will I receive the audios?

A - "As soon as your order goes through you will be emailed with download details for the the process... So you'll be listening to it in minutes... And you will also be taken through to set up your community site access straight away."

Q - Can you tell me more details about what's in the process?

A - "Yes, you can read much more about what you'll learn by clicking here. But remember that'll take you through to the site and this is the only page you'll be able to get the Special Offer from."

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Yes, I want Andy's simple system for
Total Self Mastery

RETAIL PRICE IS $905  (£543)
This entire package is now

(approximately) - (Payments are in GBP so £80.50 exact)

This is a Limited Time Offer & the page
will be taken down soon.
If you have any problems with ordering please contact us here
Wishing you all the success that you are willing to create for yourself,

Andy Shaw

Customer Feedback
Since my 'enlightenment'

journey began over 30 years ago, and more strenuously in the last three years, I have done all the right things, read all the right books, been to all the forward thinking seminars, and have had some successes. However, there was always that one little piece missing that I couldn't put my finger on that meant 'massive' change/success/money.

I have been putting your techniques for controlling my own mind into practice for a grand total of 5 days. In that five days, 3 lucrative
opportunities showed up literally on my doorstep, I made two sales that netted me £1,000, have had four new students, and a business deal I have been faithfully working on for the last 7 or 8 months came good yesterday. Now THAT'S PROGRESS!

The techniques in your two books are THE KEY that I've been looking for for more than 20 years. Aldus Camus said.. 'an intelligent mind is one that watches itself" - I always knew that, being an intellectual sort, but I didn't understand HOW to watch it effectively and make it work FOR me. Now I do!

I'm so so impressed (and grateful) with the results, I have begun to incorporate my learning into my coaching practice and with my GCSE and A level Biology, Chemistry and Physics students. In fact, I'm recommending your books to everyone. And of course I tell anyone who'll listen that 'Andy Shaw is a genius'! Thank you Andy, you've given me back the power of my own mind. Kat x

Kath Conabree

What many other so

called gurus promise Andy actually delivers - clear, simple, no-nonsense, practical steps to building the life and wealth you always wanted. It's this simple - I have found no-one better at showing the way to get wealthy that anyone can follow. -

Andrew Leedham

What fascinates me /font>
about the articles written by Andy Shaw is that the content is so obviously correct and makes so much sense, but somehow it is still stuff I have never thought of, and is very interesting. I can relate directly to the articles, and instantly apply the knowledge given into my everyday thinking. I can feel my thought processes becoming more and more positive as negativity is removed from my life. Many thanks Andy -

Clive Pearson

Like you I've spent a lot

of time and money on personal development programs and continuous learning... only to find that there is still something missing...something that I'm not grasping. I LOVE your step by step process of clearing my mind of the bugs... I can't wait to get my hands on the complete set of books and to once and for all be FREE. Until then I'm committed to daily practice and reading the 5 chapters over and over and keeping a diary of what I'm learning and experiencing!!!"

Wendy Dejong

Most self help books give you
an idea of where you're trying to get to. Andy actually gives you the map... can't imagine wanting to think in the old way again.
I started reading the 5
Chapters as soon as I got them but couldn't finish them all in one go. I ended up waking up in the middle of the night to read the rest because it had such a profound impact on me. I can't wait to get the books and truly believe they will become the classics of the 21st Century and impact on people's lives just as Rich Dad Poor Dad.
Susan Beesley
In 2008 I bought your

£20 “Money for nothing and property for free” book and because I took action with what I learned from it I made about £50,000 in a few months :-) I then joined your Membership site in January 2010 and once again put my new skills to use. So far I have overcome my fear of heights, spiders and theme park rides, I’ve been able to save my marriage from a potential divorce and been able to get through an unforeseen financial nightmare and the collapse of my business with hardly a moments worry or sleepless night. – Cheers Andy!

Had I not read the “Bug Free Mind” stuff and actually applied it to clear my mind of the bugs that I didn’t even know where there I could have lost my wife and my home. But now I’m beginning to seeing my “new designs” coming to reality with harmony at home, peace of mind, a fresh new and different way of looking at life and our new business ventures getting off the ground and there are more to come :-) Thanks to your “Bug Free Mind” stuff Andy our future’s now looking great!

Geoff Beattie
This book is amazing. It
really is different to what I've read before and I've done a lot of sole searching and personal development. This is truly different.

Steve Skowryski